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Etsy Sales and Traffic part 5: Resources for Your Etsy Store

Action Step: Answer 3 Questions for Your Etsy Store

What Now – How are you going get out of the “Traffic and No Sales” blues?

First download the funky little sales funnel the template I made. Now, answer the following Questions:

  1. $Traffic – Do you have traffic coming into your shop? If yes, are you reaching the right traffic?
  2. $Connection – Do you have a way to capture your traffic’s email address so you have a way to develop a relationship with them? Ex. Rss feed, email newsletter, podcast, giveaway, blog etc.
  3. $Low-Medium Cash – Do you sell items at different price points?
  4. $Sweet Spot or High end Cash – Do you offer high-end items along with deep ongoing relationship building tools to your customers?

Let these men and women mentor you – They know what they’re talking about.


Crochet Raises $1000 for Favorite Nonprofit

News in the Crochet World on

Daily Nugget – News in the Crochet World

What Do You Do For Your Favorite Charity?

In the past I’ve crocheted scarves for Special Olympics, made blankets for the local nursery, hats for the shelters, and mittens too. A few years ago I did a crochet hat campaign for Compassion International. (

Everlasting Hope crochets hats to raise money to support the building of an orphanage in Uyo, Nigeria.

It’s run by 13-year old Elizabeth Sullivan. She was inspired to do something for God after reading the book “Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations a book by Alex and Brett Harris.

Initially she set a goal to crochet 56 hats in 56 days (8-weeks). She’s been flooded with orders so has amended it somewhat.

What hard thing will you do? Leave a comment below or share on the Facebook page

Read More: Everlasting Hope on The Rebelution

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