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Stop Struggling to Sell Crochet Online

Sara Duggan | My Blog Assistant

Dear Reader,

Are you struggling to sell crochet online?

Finally, a great resource to help you in your research on how to sell crochet online, monetize your crochet blog, write crochet patterns, or make money selling your crochet at fairs.

Hooking for Cash eBook

Hooking for Cash eBook

Hooking for Cash

10 Ways to Earn Money with Your Crochet Blog

You enjoy crocheting.

You enjoy blogging about crochet.

You need to make money YESTERDAY.

Lesson 1:

Getting Started: Focusing and Planning

What do you want to do? Design patterns, sell crochet, write, teach, coach, edit? What skills or tools do you need to attain? Do you have start-up capital? Will you sell online or offline?

In this chapter you explore your reason for starting a crochet business.

Lesson 2:

Target Market or Your Ideal Customer (Reader)

Blogging is a great way to advertise your business and get to know your customer. Having a blog is work but is worth it. In this chapter you’ll learn how to blog for your reader by answering her questions and giving her what she wants.

Lesson 3:

Step 1 – Setup a Mailing List

Of all the tools you’ll need for your crochet business an email list is a must have. You will learn why you should treasure this tool. You’ll learn how to set up a mailing list, how to choose a service, and how to market to your customers.

Lesson 4:

Step 2 – Setup Your Blog or Shop

This chapter is based on the Hooking for Cash 101 lessons which is the Flagship 31 Days of Crochet Business Blogging Challenge started back in March of 2012. I’ll guide you through the process of buying hosting, a domain name, installing WordPress, and adding all the bits and pieces to your blog to make it work for your business.

Lesson 5:

Step 3 – Choose Your Money Maker

Here is the heart of this eBook. Crochet Businesses take all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Most will sell the items they crochet but other might become tech editors, pattern designers, suppliers, or teachers.

Before I introduce the 10 ways to make money with crochet (and blogging) you need to choose what your money maker is or business focus.

  • Selling Your Crochet Items
  • Using Affiliate Partners on Your Crochet Blog
  • Are Online Auctions Right For You?
  • Make and Sell an Information Product
  • Let Adsense Bring in the Cents (and Dollars Too)
  • Advertising and Your Blog – Are You Ready?
  • Sponsorships – The Pros and Cons
  • Teaching and Mentoring for Profit
  • Exclusive Content in a Membership Site
  • Geeky Ways to Earn Some Moola

Now that you’re setup online it’s time to build your blog, make inventory for your shop, and explore more ways to make selling crochet work for you.

Ready to Start Selling Crochet?

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