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I’m Still Here

Where Have You Been

I’ve been out of commission for most of 2014. My poor treatment of my body is catching up to me. Other then feeling like “death’s” best friend for almost 4 months things have been well for my family.

On a brighter note (because there is always sunshine above the clouds) my son (19 yo) will be returning to the West Coast later this month. I am beyond happy to see him, hug him, and share his energy again.

I Can’t Buy Your Books

The problem with self-employed income is that when you don’t work, you don’t get paid. If I don’t get paid my vendors don’t get paid. This leads to problems with my email list and the shopping cart.

This next week I plan on fixing the shopping cart issues so you’ll be able to once again buy Create Crochet Patterns and Hooking for Cash.

Where’s My Email?

I use Aweber for this website so when I was unable to get online, the bill went unpaid. This means that you aren’t receiving regular emails from me.

I’ll work on fixing this as well but it may take a little more time as I need to transfer accounts.

Where’s Hooking for Cash 101?

You can still access it online http://crochetbusiness.com/crochet-blog-challenge/challenge-july-2012/. Emails are on hold for now but will start up again soon.

Questions? or Comments?

Please leave all questions or comments below or send a quick Tweet to @momwithahook or stop by the FB page http://facebook.com/crochetbusiness.

Love at ALL Times,

Sara - Momwithahook

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