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20 Real World Crochet Business Tips

Today’s episode features 20 Real World Crochet Business Tips. Since 2012, I have featured interviews on the blog from various crochet businesses and bloggers. I enjoy reading the advice each one offers to beginners. This is a compilation of that advice.


1. Cre8tion Crochet – Lorene

“When it comes to blogging – patience. It takes a lot of work and you won’t get paid for your time in the beginning. Advertise and share your blog wherever you can. Try to come up with unique and individual patterns as well as some mainstream patterns.”

“When it comes to selling finished items, my only advice is don’t sell yourself short. Charge accordingly for your time. This is a business, treat it as such.”

2. The Yarn Box (Stitch11) 

“You can do anything you set your mind to. The only way to fail is by giving up. Google is amazing! Use it. Crochet is only as difficult as YOU make it!”

3. Grandma Kathie’s Crochet Cuties

“If you love it, keep looking for a market that works for you. Don’t give up. Just look at each obstacle as a challenge and rise up to meet the challenge. It will be worth it in the end when you are working at what you love to do.”

4. Redhead Crochet

“Start blogging, learn about SEO, get a nice SEO-friendly engine for WordPress like Thesis or Genesis. That way you’ll get organic traffic pretty easily. I’m a beginner myself but I’ve read a lot about social media marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO and all kinds of entrepreneurial stuff.

Try to spend some time each day to read a useful article, watch a lecture and keep your eye on the prize. Also, make nice things, use nice yarn (doesn’t have to be crazy expensive) and search the web for cool palettes, there are pages like that are very cool.”

5. Twinkie Chan

“hmm, I would say, do a lot of research and look into how to properly price your handmade items, wholesale vs. retail, all that kind of stuff. I think a lot of crocheters price their work too low for the amount of time I know that crochet can take.

I also always underline the importance of finding your own voice and your own angle to aid in your branding, rather than copying other successful items or trends that you see. Being unique will definitely help you stand out and get the power of word-of-mouth going.”

6. Todd Paschall (Crochet By Numbers)

“You have to find a niche”

7. Mela Dora’s Crochet

“Network. Share your items on everything and with everyone, you can. Always run ads where you can.”

8. Mel’s Daisy Patch

“Don’t get discouraged. It can be a slow start and very frustrating. Also, make sure, before you start your business or a blog, that no one out there has the same name you plan to use. I had this happen to me with the blog I was using and had to switch it all over to a new one due to the fact that someone opened a store on Etsy by the same name.”

 9. Milly Vanilly Handmade

“My advice would be to always stay positive. Don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t achieve. If you stay dedicated and work hard, anything can and will happen. You just have to picture yourself there already, I know I do.

Every month I create short term goals that I want to reach and I don’t lose sight of my end game. Sometimes life gets so hectic that you don’t even know what path you are on anymore. Remember to trust your gut instincts, you know what you can and can’t handle.

Remember the universe gives back to you what you put out.”

10. Crochet n’ Crafts

“At this point I’m not sure if I’m qualified to give out any advice. But, I think it is safe to say that any work that is put forth will continue to pay for itself in the long run. Work hard and be patient as the money will come. And most importantly, do it for fun.”

11. Strawberry Couture

“Learn from your customers. Pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Work fast and efficiently. Be patient you will succeed.”

12. Petals to Picots

“Be true to yourself and your vision for your blog or business. Focus on what you love and are passionate about and it will show through in your work. Try to know and be supportive of fellow crafters and bloggers.”

13. The Hat Factory

“You’ve got to work. I’m a workaholic and always have been; whether it was working outside the home or doing this. I love to work and to be productive.

Take care of your customers, be fair, be generous. I give away a LOT. In addition to the free hat at every 500 likes, I also give away hats or patterns in other giveaways constantly.

While I obviously don’t make money on those items, it does get my product into the hands of the public. But, it’s not just THEM that sees it. Their neighbors, friends, and family see it and can attest to the quality. That’s what brings people in.”

14. Playin’ Hooky Designs

“Make sure you’re passionate about what you do and that you’ll love it if it turns into your job. Your business will go through good times and slow ones; it can be hard, but expect it and go with it. Set goals and keep building, improving, promoting, and critiquing your work until you get there. Then, set some more”

15. Yarn Obsession

“Find your voice. A crochet business, just like anything else, is very personal and once you figure out who you are, what your business goals are, and how you want to get there, you’ll do well. Make sure you’re considering your goals and not anyone else’s goals”

16. Get Hooked on Crochet

“If you are teaching then you have to know that you can teach – it’s not a given that if you can crochet, you can teach crochet. You have to be a very patient person to teach crochet.

You have to be passionate about it too – it’s more than just a hobby once you start to teach, because you are committing yourself to your pupil and you can’t let them down.

If you are a crochet designer then it’s finding the right avenue for your work, which means putting in a lot of research and knocking on a lot of doors.”

17. Knit till Death

“Don’t give up. Keep your goal in mind and keep working towards new creations. Stay connected to your readers and your buyers.”

18. Crocheting Fashionista

“Start small and work your way up. Make sure your customers pay before you start making any items. Treat it as a hobby first and a business second because it can get overwhelming to the point you might stop crocheting. Always crochet with Love.”

19. Kawaii Crochet

“Get yourself a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. Build your fan base and be kind and supportive of other businesses.”

20. Crochet Addict UK

“Join sites that allow you to link on projects you’ve made such as Finished Objects Friday’s, Work-in-Progress Wednesday’s, Fiber Arts Friday, and Creative Friday. Post on other people’s blogs that you find so that you get to know the crafty world.

Giveaways are a fantastic way to show your work and grow your community.”

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