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Sara - MomwithahookI’m Sara (Momwithahook), I’ve been blogging since 2007, writing online since 2005 and crocheting since 1999.

Crochet Business Blog features information on how to use blogging as a way to connect with your readers and customers. (more on the purpose behind this blog)

Hooking for Cash was first released in March 2012. It features 10 ways to make money with your crochet blog.

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Back when I was pregnant with my youngest son I said a little prayer to God. I desperately wanted to be able to stay home with him instead of working outside the home. I asked God for a gift – any gift that would help me with this goal.

Our Lovely Family

My husband paid for some crochet lessons and before I knew it, I was crocheting everyday. I toyed around with selling my crochet by opening up an Etsy shop in 2007 eventually designing and selling patterns. I retired from selling in 2010 to concentrate on writing. (Plus I was getting no where in selling crochet for a profit. I undersold my work and gave away more than I sold.) If you’re looking for Etsy store specific information I suggest Handmadeology.com or LaunchGrowJoy. com For pricing information Sedruola Maruska’s book Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit is an excellent resource.

Writing is what I enjoy doing and sharing what I learn about blogging and selling crochet is what Crochet Business Blog is all about. My hearts desire is to see thriving crochet businesses.

I believe it is possible to earn with crocheting. I also believe in hard work and multiple streams of income. A crochet business is like an investment portfolio. You want to invest in multiple ‘stocks‘ or revenue streams in order to have a sustainable business.  (Must Read: Craft Business Power by Jeff G. and Cinnamon Miles of Liberty Jane Clothing)

I look forward to watching your crochet business grow.

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