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[#31cbbcJuly2014] Day 28 Socialize

Make and Use a Social Media Plan You learned a lot about marketing your crochet blog through social media platform like Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. You don’t have to use them all but the ones you do choose need to be active accounts. Social media is where many people spend their time. Time is precious and we covet it. Many […]

[#31cbbcJuly2014] Day 27 – Guest Blogging and Collaboration

What is Guest Blogging? Guest blogging is simply  blogging on someone’s blog. Instead of writing a blog post for your blog you’ll be writing a post for another blog. Contact a crochet blogger to pitch a guest post. Remember guest blogging is not selling or promoting, it is about educating. Write a very good post, respect your host, […]

[#31cbbcJuly2014] Day 26 – Forums

  Forums to Chat About Crochet Forums are little hangouts online where a group of like-minded people can talk about what interests them. Crochet Anyone? There are as many forums as there are people. Niche forums are a great way to know what your buyer struggles with. This helps you identify a solution to their […]

[#31cbbcJuly2014] Day 25 – Linkys, Hops, and Tours

Blog Tours and Linkys Build Friendships Google Search ‘Crochet Linky’ or ‘Crochet Blog Hop’ or ‘Crochet Blog Tour’ and you’ll find a number of community building resources. Find one that fits your niche and fills the needs of your readers – customers. A Linky is a tool to aid in blog hops. A blog hop is when you […]

[#31cbbcJuly2014] Day 24 – Niche Community

Build Your Blogging Tribe with Commenting Blogging is about connecting. Connecting with readers, customers, and other bloggers. Browse Google ‘Crochet Blogs‘ to see who the top bloggers are. Do you share the same target market? Do you complement each other? Write down the names of the blog, their contact information, and the top 5 popular […]