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Etsy Sales and Traffic: Momwithahook on Etsy

The Ups and Downs of Building Sales and Traffic on Etsy Momwithahook on Etsy 2007 – I joined the Etsy Handmade Marketplace as a buyer because all my friends were doing it. They were selling their handmade stuff and had raving reviews about this new ‘auction’ site that was like eBay but for handmade. A couple […]

{Etsy} The Real Reason Your Etsy Store Isn’t Getting Traffic and Sales

The Relationship Between Etsy Sales and Traffic Do you know the real reason your Etsy store isn’t getting the traffic and sales you want? The Number one reason is a failed understanding of marketing – Not having a marketing plan is the second. I’ve only recently re-opened my Etsy store so if you go look […]

Throw Your Own Craft Show – Follow These Easy Steps

What’s Inside: Learn How to Host Your Own Craft Show Craft shows are a great way to sell your handmade crochet items. It allows many to find new customers and network with like minded businesses. My experience wasn’t so great. As I look back on it I think fear was the greatest stumbling block for me. If […]

Crochet Business Interview with Jimbo’s Front Porch

Meet Jimbo He’s a semi-retired patent agent and whittler of wood. He makes gorgeous crochet hooks out of branches and wood he finds on his 30-acre property.         What is your main stream of income? Selling my Crochet hooks. Did you set out to make money with crochet or was it an […]

Crochet Business Interview with CrochetAddictUK

Meet Susan Dougill  I started to crochet due to a medical condition (CFS) and ever since I’ve been a crochet addict! I love making things that make people smile. I have a fantastic 5-year old son who helps design some of the patterns (he is very particular about colors and types of eyes) but I […]