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I love having guests on Crochet Business Blog. Below you can read more about my guest authors as well as the businesses I feature on Friday.

julianeiman1Julia Neiman stopped by during the 31 Days of Crochet Business Blogging challenge to share her tips for developing a professional network via LinkedIn. Building a Professional Network on Linkedin

yarnoverpullthrough1Patrice Walker of Yarn Over Pull Through, the Heart and Soul of Crochet stopped by during the CBB challenge to share how you can use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Crochet Blog.Increase Traffic to Your Crochet Blog with “Pin”-able Photos

ali-gethookedoncrochet1Ali Campbell of Get Hooked On Crochet – Crochet Classes for Beginners & Intermediates is based in North Dorset UK. Featured Crochet Business 2/2013

georgia-thehatfactory1Georgia of the Hat Factory is a 47 year old mother of 4, grandmother of 15. She sleeps very little (2-4 hours a night) & dedicates her entire day to her business, crocheting 16-20 hours a day.

JenPascall-buttonmad1Jen of Incomparable Buttons ( shared how she started making her handmade ceramic buttons. Crochet business isn’t just about those who crochet. People like Jen provide the materials we use to enhance our work.

karendennison1Karen Dennison is a Quilting Professor – Offers Online Quilting Classes and is a SEO and Keyword Consultant
In learning to market Karen Dennison Quilting Classes, I discovered that I also enjoy keyword research.That was the beginning of KeywordYourWaytoTraffic. Increase Your Reach with Keywords

kathryn1Kathryn Vercillo stopped by to share her latest project “Hook to Heal”. I am glad to report that she exceeded her funding goal. I love the Crochet community. Hook to Heal: The Friend You Always Wanted

liz-playinhookydesigns1My name is Liz McQueen, and I’m proud to be a hooker! Playin’ Hooky is my business and I work from home in the mountains of Colorado. That is, I work when my two kids let me! Come to think about it, that’s part of the reason why I only make beanies & flying discs they’re small and I can actually finish them in a day!

Loralee_Hutton1Loralee (Tips for Running Your Crochet Business on $30 a Month)shares her tips for running her online business for just $30/month. She was working full time and didn’t need her online income so to curb the “buy this shiny object” syndrome she put herself on a tight budget. Find out how in her post. She is the author of How I Run My Online Business for $30 a Month and shares her wisdom in her Free Monthly Biz Training.

QRSTONE-Evelyn1Evelyn Cucchiara shared her creation, the QR Stone. I met her during the Biztopia challenge and had to interview her. Out of necessity she created a way to connect with her clients and save her time. She is also the author of 30 Days to an Organized Home. The QR Stone: Marrying Art and Technology

SherylWestleigh-Noadi1Sheryl of Noadi on Etsy shared her experience with selling on Etsy, a bit about packaging and craft fairs in a Google Hangout. Google Hangout with Tips on Packaging and Craft Show Sales

todd-crochetbynumbersMy name is Todd Paschall. I’m the owner of Crochet By Numbers. I teach my students how to read and execute a CBN pattern to turn their personal photo into a portrait of fiber. I’m also looking for CBN instructors.

sedruola1I’m Sedie and a crochet enthusiast who loves to connect with my clients and meet
new friends. I work from home as a small business marketing project manager by
day and I play with yarn by night. My two babies and hubby keep me busy and
happy! I can be found online playing with yarn, talking to friends and sharing
crochet and crochet business related information most of the time!

jessica-crochetingfashionista1Jessica is a Philly fiber Artist. I started crocheting as a hobby in October 2009. I taught myself to crochet by researching online. From there I started my mini projects, making hats, scarves, baby booties, and small blankets. Then I started to make hat sets for family and friends and the next thing I know, I have a little business. My business is called “Jess Handmade Designs”.My inspiration comes from God, My Husband and our Son (R.I.P.) our Family and friends and my wonderful customers. It was because of them I turned my hobby into a business. I’m also a part of a group called “Fresh Off tha Hook”, they inspire me to create and try new things when it comes to crocheting projects. They are like Family to me.

knittilldeath1KnitTillDeath: In my shop you can find a variety of beautiful creations, from hats, scarves, cowls, shawls, booties, new born props, hair bows, and head bands. I love taking custom orders too. I use lots of different yarn, beads, feathers and anything I can mix in my work to give a beautiful unique look.

meladora-crochetMelaDora Crochet: My idea when I started this was to make it easy for people who knew how to crochet the basics but didn’t know how to read patterns very well or at all and wanted to learn and make things they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.By showing them step-by-step in picture tutorials on my site and adding a video tutorial on every page from my YouTube page I’m helping them achieve something they otherwise wouldn’t have.

melsdaisy1Melissa of Mel’s Daisy Patch Designs: I design and sell crochet patterns. I have a wide range of things that I design. There is everything from stuffed animals to baby blankets to pot holders. I also design cross stitch patterns as well.I currently have 4 places that my designs can be purchased.

grandmakathiescrochetcutiesI am Kathie of Grandma Kathie’s Crochet cuties on facebook. You can find me on Etsy-GrandmaKathiesCuties and On Ebay I am 417.jolee. You may contact me for custom orders on any of these sites, or send me a personal email.I am looking forward to growing my crochet business into a full time career. I have so many different patterns I have not had a chance to try. I love learning new stitches, making new & different items. I have found that if I set myself a goal I WILL reach it. I need more time………

cre8tioncrochetI’m Lorene and my blog is my main business focus right now. I also sell my finished work online and in retail stores. Connect with her online at, CrochetedCre8tions of FaceBook and Cre8tion on Etsy.

cbb-interview-corinaCorina is the blogger behind Stitch11 Designs. She and her sister Miranda also run The Yarn Box which is a large free crochet pattern directory.

millyvanillyhandmadeMaria of Milly Vanilly Handmade: She had the intention of starting her blog and maybe opening up an Etsy store. Her product line became so popular that she had to move from Facebook to her own online store. Congrats on making your dream come true Maria.

crochetncraftsMy name is Helen aka Rhelena. I started Crochetn‟Crafts as a result of a health condition and a job loss back in 2008. Currently the website has over 150 free crochet patterns, and I‟m hoping to continue to add to the collection on a weekly basis or as time allows. The URL is Hope to see you

twinkiechanMy name is Twinkie Chan, and I design and crochet unique, food-themed accessories to keep you and your stuff cozy! I published my first book of crochet patterns, “Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies,” in 2010, and I recently re-launched my licensed brand, “Yummy You! by Twinkie Chan” to make my crocheted work more affordable and more accessible.


karliboutiqueetsyKarli is a Canadian native and graduate student who enjoys crocheting big bulky huggable accessories in her spare time.

redheadetsyI’m Lilja the Redhead crocheter and my blog is You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Etsy.

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