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#31CBBC January 2014

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#31cbbc January 2014 on

31 Days Crochet Business Blogging


Welcome to the 5th Bi-Annual Crochet Business Blogging Challenge. I’m Sara aka Momwithahook. I was introduced to blog challenges by a fellow blogger (Michelle Shaeffer). She hosts the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the 31 Days Blog Challenge each year – and … She was inspired by Problogger, Darren Rowse.

The book that this challenge is inspired by is 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (affiliate link) by Darren Rowse.

When I released my first eBook Hooking for Cash: 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Crochet Blog in March of 2012, this challenge was born. Hooking for Cash 101 is the original challenge and is now a free eCourse.

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Blog challenges are a fun way to increase traffic to your blog, learn new blogging tips, grow your community, and connect with new blogs in your niche.

What You Will Learn:

Each challenge is a little bit different but the main concept is the same – Blogging.

You learn about blogging while growing your community. This is done by posting a new blog post each day for 31 days, visiting other blogs, commenting, interacting on social media, connecting and collaborating with other bloggers, and developing the habit of regular blogging.


At the end of the challenge you will connect with at least 3 new crochet bloggers. You can collaborate on a project, guest post for each other, hold each other accountable OR whatever you need.

Past challenge participants have:

  • Increased or Replaced their income
  • Built their blog
  • Started a Linky or Blog Hop
  • Added Google Adsense or Other income ads to their blog
  • Built Friendships
  • Review Products for Companies
  • Started Affiliate Marketing
  • Increased their Traffic
  • Transferred from free hosting to paid hosting
  • Transferred from Blogspot to WordPress
  • Started selling on their blog
  • Opened an Etsy shop
  • Sold their Creations at a Craft Show

Useful Terms:

  • Comment-a-thon Linky – This is a weekly linky where you will add your blog post for the day (Monday). You will comment on at least 2 participating blogs and share via social media.
  • CBB G+ Community Chat/Hangout (Tuesday) – This is a weekly chat/hangout on G+ for the Crochet Business Bloggers Community. A microphone and webcam is needed. You can take part in the chat room, you just won’t be able to hear anything. (Will be recorded for later viewing)
  • Twitter Chat – This is an open Question and Answer period on Twitter using hashtag #crochetbusiness. Come with questions on blogging, crochet, business, email lists, or just to say Hi. Wednesday 12pm PST
  • Online Meeting (Webinar) – This is an online meeting for the CBB challenge participants on various topics. 1pm PST Thursday
  • Facebook Fanpage Hop-a-long – Each Friday you can add your Crochet Business or Blog Fanpage to the linky. You will pin a Question of the Day to your page, add your link, and visit at least 2 participants. Visit their page, like it, and answer the question of the day.
  • Crocheting a Business Podcast – This is a weekly podcast featuring tips and resources for blogging, email lists, and crochet as it pertains to growing a business. (Saturday 12pm PST)
  • Cro-Pinteresting – This is a weekly Pin-a-thon. Invite only for CBB community. You can pin crochet projects, ideas, and patterns. This is NOT a sales board. Contact Sara with your Pinterest name for invite.

Agenda January 2014:

Theme: Scheduling

Day 1: Purpose of Your Business Blog

Day 2: Google Calendar

  • Webinar: 5 timesaver That Will Boost Your Crochet Business Blog in 2014 1pm pst

Day 3: How to Schedule a Post in Blogger

  • Facebook Fanpage Hop-a-long

Day 4: How to Schedule a Post in WordPress

  • Crocheting a Business Podcast 12pm pst

Day 5: Hootsuite Saves Time

Day 6: Putting it All Together

  • Crochet Blogs Comment-a-thon

Day 7: 2-Hour Blogging Schedule

  • G+ Crochet Business Blog Community Hangout TBA

Theme: Relationship Marketing

Day 8: Commenting is Intimate

Day 9:  Call Someone

Day 10: What’s Your Comment Style?

  • Facebook Fanpage Hop-a-long

Day 11: Why Handmade Businesses Do It Best

  • Crocheting a Business Podcast 12pm pst

Day 12: Answer a Question

Day 13: The Great Exodus From Facebook

  • Crochet Blogs Comment-a-thon

Day 14: Offer to Guest Post on Another Blog

  • G+ Crochet Business Blog Community Hangout TBA

Theme: Priorities, Goals, and Objectives

Day 15: Prioritize – Stop Putting Your Dreams On Hold

Day 16: Grumpies and Bot Attacks

  • Webinar: 1pm PST How to Gain 300 Email List Subscribers by March 2014

Day 17: 4 Tips for Running Your Blog on a Budget

  • Facebook Fanpage Hop-a-long

Day 18: 7 Frustration Free Tax Tips Roundup

  • Crocheting a Business Podcast 12pm pst

Day 19: Tax Tips from Crochet Bloggers 

Day 20: Outright (Go Daddy Bookkeeping) Software review

  • Crochet Blogs Comment-a-thon

Day 21: S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Your Savvy Brand

  • G+ Crochet Business Blog Community Hangout TBA

Theme: Email Lists and Lead Generation

Day 22:  Email Lists for Crochet Bloggers

Day 23: Writing a Welcome Message

Day 24: RSS Email Campaign

  • Facebook Fanpage Hop-a-long

Day 25: Problem Solving Resource for Your Subscribers

  • Crocheting a Business Podcast 12pm pst

Day 26: How to Add the Email List Signup Form to Your Blog

Day 27: Promoting Your Email List

  • Crochet Blogs Comment-a-thon

Day 28: Introduction to Autoresponders

  • G+ Crochet Business Blog Community Hangout TBA

Theme: Celebrate Crochet

Day 29: 10 Fantastically Free Yarn Giveaways

Day 30: 5 Tips for Better Crochet Tutorial Videos by Tamara Kelly

Day 31: Business

  • Facebook Fanpage Hop-a-long

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