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[#31cbcbcJanuary 2013] Crochet Business Plan – What’s the Focus of Your Crochet Blog?

Writing Prompt: The focus of my crochet blog is _____. In 2013 I will write ___ times a week.

Focus is not only important for developing a crochet business, it is also important when you are blogging for your business. It doesn’t

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matter whether your sole means of earning is via your blog or via a shop, you need to identify your purpose so that you address it in your blogging.

How Do You Find Out What The Focus Of Your Blog Is?

The easiest way to identify what your blog is all about is to check out the main traffic sources.

What posts receive the most views?

Which posts receive the most social media attention? (Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook)

This gives you a clue to what your readers want. Your blog is first and foremost for your readers NOT you. Read that again. I know it took me aback too.

What do you mean my blog isn’t about me? Don’t I write about my crafts and my business and my family? Isn’t that why people visit me?

No, sorry to break your ego, it’s not what keeps people going to your site. Who know? You might just be so intriguing that people love reading about you but it is rare – unless you are Will Smith or Lady Gaga, people really don’t care.

Example: Momwithahook’s Crochet Journal

This was my first blog. I started out just posting my crochet projects not really caring if anyone read it. Eventually it turned into highlighting everything Etsy. I was a bit obsessed. I wrote about my writing on Squidoo and eventually I started writing about crochet business.

Slowly as time went on it was less about crocheting and more about other things. My interests changed and maintaining a crochet-focused blog took a back seat. I almost deleted it in 2012. What stopped me?

My readers. Other crocheters linked to various patterns I made and I didn’t want them to have dead links. I did what I’m asking you to do. I searched my statistics to see which posts my readers liked the best. What I found is that they liked the crochet patterns more than anything else.

Now my blog is all about crochet patterns. Each pattern that I’ve previously published will now be put on the blog on Friday’s. One new post per week makes Google happy but it also makes my readers and potential new readers happy too.

Find Out What They Want and They Will Come

Find out what your readers want and cater to them. Do they want to know your creative process? Share tutorials with them. Do they want to know which yarns you use in your products? Share it with them and let them know why you choose one yarn over another. Do they want to know when your latest pattern will be released? Let them know.

My Blogging Plan for 2013

  • Momwithahook – post 1 time per week – crochet pattern
  • Sara Duggan – post at least 3 times a week – Squidoo, Faith and Home
  • Crochet Business – post 3 times per week – Crochet business interview, affiliate or other monetizing opportunities and tips on selling crochet

How often do you post to you blog? Share in the comments below.

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