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{Crochet Business Interview} Corina of The Yarn Box

Meet Corina – The Yarn Box

interview- corina

Did you set out to make money with crochet or was it an afterthought? How did you get started?

Around Christmas of 2011, I was on the hunt for my 1 year old a pair of mittens. After buying many pairs, I found myself very frustrated because none of them would stay on her hands. I decided I would give crochet a try and make her some mittens myself. (and I hate to admit, I still haven’t made mittens)

After searching, what seemed like endless crochet tutorials, I found an ear-flap pattern that linked videos to all the stitches it used. I then realized how easy crochet can really be.

After finishing my first hat and posting the picture on Facebook, I had many people begging me to make them hats. I did my best to take orders and find the right patterns to everyone… but it didn’t take long for me to realize that when you pay 5 dollars for a pattern, you do not always get what you paid for.

The frustrations of finding high quality patterns gave me an idea that soon changed my life.

Now, one year after learning to crochet, I have my personal blog- Stitch11 is a place I share my creations and patterns all for FREE. I currently have 75 crochet patterns. All free. 🙂 I do this because I also have affiliate links and ads on my site. This allows me to stay home with my daughter, make money, and all while helping others out. Granted, its not as much money as I would like… but I have big dreams and I refuse to settle until I reach them.

My sister, Miranda, from has been helping me every step of the way. With her blogging experience and my crochet love, we have started a new free pattern directory- Our goals for the yarn box are simple. To supply hookers with the perfect free crochet pattern and to drive traffic to the original crochet artists. We want to be a resource for crochet beginners, experts, and designers.

What is the main income stream from your crochet?

I rarely sell items anymore. My main income is from a varitey of affiliates and ads on my crochet blogs- Stitch11 and TheYarnBox

How do you market your crochet business and/or crochet blog?

When learning how to crochet, I made many friends through out facebook and crochet forums. I do my best to share my posts with my crochet friends- using Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+. I also am a member of online communities such as Crochettalk, Babycenter, and Cafemom.

How long was it until you really saw your financial goals being met?

Well, I started crocheting just after the NewYear of 2012. I started my crochet blog Stitch11 in April. It took me 8 months to reach my original financial goal- but now I have a new goal. 🙂

Any advice you’d give someone just starting a crochet business?

You can do anything you set your mind to. The only way to fail, is by giving up. Google is amazing! Use it! And crochet is only as difficult as YOU make it!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Corina. The Yarn Box is a great addition to the Crochet Community. You and your sister Rock!

You can learn more about Corina and how you can share your free crochet patterns by visiting the The Yarn Box. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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