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[#31cbcbcJanuary 2013] Crochet Business Interview: Sedruola of YarnObsession



Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sedruola of Yarn Obsession. I came across Sedruola when I did a little vlogging with the Fresh Off Tha Hook Family on YouTube.  Before you leave be sure to sign up to get her Crochet Business Tips.

Did you set out
to make money with crochet or was it an afterthought? How did you get started? 
When I started
selling I 
wasn’t thinking of using it as a career or main income stream, I just
thought I’d make enough money to feed my need to buy more yarn. I started
selling when I was put on bed rest in 2006 while pregnant with my son. I was
hoping to stay distracted and make a bit of money for fun.
What is the
main income stream from your crochet? 
Right now, my main income stream is pattern selling on Etsy, Amazon, and
Barnes & Noble.
I’m working on publishing more and delving into other areas such as
commissioned sales and teaching.
How do you
market your crochet business and/or crochet blog? 
Marketing is always a big deal. I am starting to do a lot more of it since I am also a small business marketer and I do want my crochet work to be a
viable second stream of income. I use Facebook promoted posts, Facebook offers
and Facebook ads. I also work on staying present on Etsy and making sure all my
online channels are connected. I find that the best way to market is to connect
to those who connect with me on Facebook, Youtube and Etsy.

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How long was it until you really saw your financial goals being met? 
2010 is the first year I really made some money with my crochet and the
first time I thought it could really be something viable for my family. That
means it was about 4 years from when I first started selling crochet before I
really started setting and meeting goals.
Any advice you’d give someone just starting a crochet business? 
Find your voice! A crochet business, just like anything else, is very
personal and once you figure out who you are, what your business goals are, and
how you want to get there, you’ll do well. Make sure you’re considering your
goals and not anyone else’s goals.

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Originally posted by Sara Duggan on 2013

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