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Etsy Traffic and Sales part 4: Examples of Crochet Business Sales Funnels

Crochet Business Sales Funnels Examples

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1. Gloria of the Hat Factory on Facebook

Last year I read a newspaper article about her and knew I had to interview her for my blog. She’s sold well over 1,000 crochet hats and amigurumi since staring in October 2011. Another really cool fact about this cool crocheter is that she does a majority of her sales through word of mouth and Facebook fans with just 5% coming from Etsy.

Sales funnel – sharing who crochet stuff on Facebook with family and friends, hey can you make me that, what about this, word spreads, she moves onto amigurumi, 1,000 hats later she runs a Facebook fan page with over 14,000 fans with awesome interaction.

2. Playin’ Hooky Designs

Liz, a teacher by trade started crocheting when she was pregnant. She started designing patterns and selling hats part-time and before she knew it she was providing local ski shops with her goods. The best part is she’s now a stay-at-home mom who works full-time as a crochet designer.

Sales Funnel – free patterns, hey her patterns are really cool, buy a pattern, I like her style, custom hat – she’s an awesome stitcher, this person is signed up to be notified of new patterns and sales is will snatch up any design she puts out.

3. Bonita Patterns

Everyone in the crochet world knows Lianka and her famous crocodile stitch. She blogs on Tumblr, sells her patterns on Etsy, created a huge trend in the crochet world, wore her crocodile stitch wedding dress at CGOA, published a book of her patterns, a featured designer for I love Yarn day – all the while building her fan base through social media, blog, and newsletter – she now has top fans in the #4 spot of her sales funnel who buy whatever pattern she releases plus she’s kicked it up a notch by offering her patterns in Spanish – a whole new target market.

4. Todd Paschall of Crochet by Numbers

Todd created a crochet technique where you can reproduce a photo or other image into a piece of art. He started teaching this technique to others, making custom pieces and selling them for hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. He’s now training others to teach this method through his certification class. (I’m one of his students)

Sales Funnel – introduces the crochet by numbers method to people through social media by showing his work and the work of his students. He refers to people to his site, sells graphs to work, makes custom graphs based on your photos or images, and sells custom work for a decent wage. It is a well-oiled funnel that will be expanding soon into a whole new market.

5. Kawaii Crochet

Owner Alisha who was in a dead-end job – she picked up a hook and yarn and taught herself how to crochet. With the encouragement of her husband she began selling her custom kawaii gaming hats and amigurumi. Much of her promotion was through her FB fan page. (Where I found her) She shares her work in photos, in pattern design and has built a great following that want to be notified of sales and new products.

She now offers a new product line – her paintings and drawings. Based on her connection with her sales funnel she was able to introduce this new product to her already large fan base.


Ask any one of these crochet business owners if people started out at #4’s – they’d probably tell you not many – some, but most started out as 1’s, moved into 2′ and 3’s and she has a steady flow of #4’s now.

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