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[#31cbbcMarch2012] Setting Up a Twitter Account for Your Crochet Blog

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Twitter is an online community much like a blog however you only get 140 characters to share what you want. Twitter is fast paced and is used by many who use mobile devices like iPad, Netbooks, and Cellphones.

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You need Twitter for your crochet business blog to quickly tell your followers about new blog posts or products. It also helps you in providing timely customer service.

There are a number of ways to interact using Twitter here are just a few:

  • Reply to Tweets
  • Participate in a Twitter Chat
  • Use hashtags “#keyword” i.e. #crochet
  • Talk directly to someone or mention someone with the “@” sign. i.e. @momwithahook

3 Tips to Help You Manage Time on Twitter:

  1. Schedule your tweets through a service like
  2. Organize your followers using Lists
  3. Set a timer so you don’t spend too much time (15 minutes)

Today’s Assignment:

If you don’t have a twitter account, go open one now. Use a keyword as your username or the name of your blog. People are more likely to interact with you if you use your name or a name that identifies you or your blog.

I schedule my tweets via I post 4 tweets per day. A crochet blog post, an article I’ve written, a free crochet pattern and something from someone I’m following. As I schedule the posts I use this worksheet to check off that I’ve scheduled it. I try to post 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

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