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Make Money with Your Crochet Blog

Hooking 4 Cash short report

Hooking for Cash: 10 Ways to Earn Money with Your Crochet Blog

You enjoy crocheting. You enjoy blogging about crochet. You need to make money YESTERDAY.

What You Will Learn

Chapter 1: Focusing and Planning

What do you want to do? Design patterns, sell crochet, write, teach, coach, edit? What skills or tools do you need to attain? Do you have startup capital? Will you sell online or offline?

In this chapter, you explore your reason for starting a crochet business.

Chapter 2: Who Is Your Blog Reader and What Does She Want?

Blogging is a great way to advertise your business and get to know your customer. Having a blog is work but is worth it. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to blog for your reader by answering her questions and giving her what she wants.

Chapter 3: Before You Start – Choosing a Mail Service

Of all the tools you’ll need for your crochet business an email list is a must have. You will learn why you should treasure this tool. You’ll learn how to set up a mailing list, how to choose a service, and how to market to your customers.

Chapter 4: Before You Start – Preparing Your Blog

This chapter is based on the Hooking for Cash 101 lessons which are the Flagship 31 Days of Crochet Business Blogging Challenge started back in March of 2012. I’ll guide you through the process of buying hosting, a domain name, installing WordPress, and adding all the bits and pieces to your blog to make it work for your business.

Chapter 5: Choosing Your Money Maker

Here is the heart of this ebook. Crochet Businesses take all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Most will sell the items they crochet but other might become tech editors, pattern designers, suppliers, or teachers. Before I introduce the 10 ways to make money with crochet (and blogging) you need to choose what your money maker is or business focus.

Chapter 6: Selling Your Crochet Items

Tips and resources to help you sell your crochet online. Includes selling options, marketing tips, shipping alternatives, and more.

Chapter 7: Using Affiliate Partners on Your Crochet Blog

You might not be ready to sell your crochet and that’s okay. As a crochet blogger, you can partner with companies like Craftsy, Jo Ann’s, and Annies Attic to promote their products.

Chapter 8: Are Online Auctions Right For You?

Ebay is the oldest auction site out there. One company used Ebay to see how the market would receive their product. It sold for $100. Is Ebay right for you and your products?

Chapter 9: Make and Sell an Information Product

An information product is simply knowledge – like this ebook. People want to learn and if you have the knowledge they are willing to pay you for it. Crochet is a great topic to write about. You can teach others too, crochet or design patterns. In this chapter, you’ll explore different ways to sell the knowledge you possess.

Chapter 10: Let Adsense Bring in the Cents (and Dollars Too)

Google Adsense will most likely be your first introduction to Ad Networks. You’ll get a short introduction to Adsense as well as a number of other Ad Networks that can help you earn money with your crochet blog.

Chapter 11: Advertising and Your Blog – Are You Ready?

Once your blog becomes famous you’ll have the opportunity to sell space on your blog. If you have a specific audience that you have sway with, companies will pay top dollar to put their ad on your site.

Chapter 12: Sponsorships – The Pros and Cons

Sponsorships are paid posts on your blog. You might also explore brand ambassadorships. Like affiliate marketing, you partner with companies, promote their product or service and earn a set fee or commission.

Chapter 13: Teaching and Mentoring for Profit

Another option to earn with your gift of crochet is to teach others how to do it. You may not think you’re all that skilled but to someone who can’t crochet, you are a genius.

This chapter explores coaching or mentoring for profit. This is a great high-income option for those who have the drive, social aptitude, and leadership skills.

Chapter 14: Exclusive Content in a Membership Site

Membership sites can be used by anyone on the web. In this chapter, I explore this option for the crochet enthusiast.

Chapter 15: Geeky Ways to Earn Some Moola

Think you can program an application for a smartphone? This is definitely a market to get into if this is your line of expertise. Even if you aren’t too geeky you can hire someone to code the app for you and then make a profit from selling it.