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How Fast Can You Crochet a Hat? 20 Minutes

When Life Gives You Lemons Crochet a Hat

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Daily Nugget – Tips and News You Need

Can a crochet hat help you during a bad time? Depends on how you look at it.

Imagine being unemployed.

Image being homeless.

Your skill – Crocheting.

What do you do?

Crochet hats.

Rick Butler has experienced life. He played football, coached, held jobs, had family – but life happens, people change, feelings get hurt, misunderstandings happen.

He lives in his van near the BART station. Each morning he gathers his yarn and hook and together with his dogs Mama and Littleone they sit.

The dogs interact gently with the people while Rick crochets a hat in under 30-minutes making conversation – even teaching students and others how to make their own hats.

It’s a way of life for him but that’s not all. Read the full story of Rick the Glad Hatter on the Oakland North.

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