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[#31CBBCJuly 2012] 5 Tips for Rocking Your About Me Page


What Makes A Great About Me Page?

1. Introduce Yourself

What’s your name or what’s your business name? For more personal pages like crochet blogs, you can include details about your personal life, like your partner, children, or pets.

2. Tell Us What You Are About

If this is your business blog for selling crochet or patterns you need to let your readers know what you sell. For personal blogs, you can give a summary of what your blog’s main thesis is about.

3. Tell Us Where You Can Be Found

Where can your reader find your products or services? This can also be used to highlight various social media sites you are on. If you participate in local farmer’s markets and street fairs you can list your upcoming shows here.

4. Give Us Your Elevator Speech

You might be wondering what this is as I did when I first took Problogger’s 31 days of blogging challenge. Basically, it’s a mission statement – what you can do to meet your prospects needs – all wrapped up in a short paragraph (2-3 sentences)  or about as long as it takes for you to ride the elevator. Take a look at the blog post linked above for a detailed description and tips on how to write one for your blog.

5. Show Us Who You Are

Now that you created a simple and easy to read “About Me” page you need to let your readers know who your are. This is easily done with a photograph of your smiling face.

Examples of About Me Pages:

Laura Wheeler of Crochet Liberation Front – notice her mission statement – it is precise and to the point. She goes one step further by letting you know how her site can help meet your needs.
Stacey of – She gets really detailed about all the different things she is into. She is an author, designer, teacher, and writer. She lets her personality shine by letting you in on her personal life like her love for home, canning, crochet and knitting.
Cute Crochet Chat – describes her crochet business, the founding and where is now. She explains what the purpose of the site is and how you can acquire her patterns.
Momwithahook – this is my crochet blog page which is rather long as it’s more of a personal blog. I have a hard time sharing personal things so even what I have was critiqued by the mastermind group I’m a part of.
Day 2:
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  • I think the 'elevator speech' is the hardest part for me – I haven't really got it quite down yet exactly what I do and how I can help others. If you have a few minutes, would you mind telling me what you think of my About pages? Personal blog and business blog
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Sara Duggan

    I love both of your about me pages. Both share your personal journey and express how your blog can serve the reader. I think because you are developing your journey as you go and blogging about it brings people along.

    An elevator speech is definitely something that develops over time. I'm still working on mine.

  • These are great tips! Thanks so much for linking to me… I really appreciate it! 🙂

    • Thank you Stacey. I really like your site, your patterns, your podcast, well – everything. 🙂

  • Hy, love you work and is really inspiring, but I think its more apliable in northern America, because back here in world Europe it doesn’t turn as well as it should. I think people have preconception to by crochet online or in any kind of way. I think its because they find a minority work, I don’t know…
    And it makes me sad because I come across all this beautiful crochet makes bloggers, some very successful, and here in Portugal, everything is so hard to get and understand….
    But thanks anyway for your help. Despite my country little awareness for this, I WILL be keep on reading and do my crochet blog.
    Than you 🙂

    • CatandPlum, I know my viewpoint does come from an American bent. I’m so spoiled because everything is so easily accessible here. I do get readers from all over the world and do have plans to answer questions with them in mind.

      Are you able to visit They have classes on crochet, knitting, cooking, sewing, etc..

      Just visited your blog and really like how you combined yarn and embroidery floss in your little ball. Super cute.