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[#31cbcbcJanuary 2013] Hanging out on Google Plus

Writing Prompt: Invite readers to join you on Google+. Share how you’ll be using G+ for business this year. 

2012 saw me post more to Google+ but I can’t say I engaged much with the people I follow over there. I plan on changing this, this year.

I received an email from someone who is pretty big on the blogging scene and one of the things he said that set him apart from 90% of the people was his engagement. He spends more time on social media than he does blogging because he interacts with his followers. He answers every question, replies to every comment, and shares information that his followers actually want to read. This is my goal.

Many of the people I follow on Google+ are bloggers and writers. I do have a small circle of friends who are crafters. Now, the thing I need to figure out is how to reach each group without turning off the other. Google+ is great because it allows you to share your information to a specific group of people. I.e. If I have a new crochet pattern I can share it to my crafty circle and not all the other circles I’ve made.

New to Google+ is the Communities. I’m liking this much better than FB groups. It is much easier to interact with members in an organized way.


Crochet Business Bloggers


I tried this for the first time during the challenge. We had a very small group but we chatted about Kathryn V.’s book “Crochet Saved My Life”. Ruth Cox was the winner of the paperback book. (Enjoy)

A couple of things to consider using hangouts for – Chat and video chat (meetings, possible crochet a-longs or answer questions to those who bought your patterns. Show them how to work your pattern.


Just experimenting with pages on G+. I opened a page for Momwithahook patterns.

Have you considered Hangouts for Business? List one way you’d like to use a hangout this year.


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