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5 Sites that Will Pay for Awesome Crochet Designs

Get Paid to Design Crochet Patterns Have you ever wanted to get paid for your crochet designs? Inside you’ll find 5 sites that accept design submissions for pay. 1. Maggie’s Crochet Maggie’s Crochet offers a partnership so you don’t lose all publishing rights to your design. They provide a tech editor and professional photo of […]

Etsy Sales and Traffic part 5: Resources for Your Etsy Store

Action Step: Answer 3 Questions for Your Etsy Store What Now – How are you going get out of the “Traffic and No Sales” blues? First read this post on the purple panda sales funnel then answer the following Questions: $Traffic – Do you have traffic coming into your shop? If yes, are you reaching the […]

Etsy Traffic and Sales part 4: Examples of Crochet Business Sales Funnels

Crochet Business Sales Funnels Examples Catch up on previous posts in this series: Introduction, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, 1. Gloria of the Hat Factory on Facebook Last year I read a newspaper article about her and knew I had to interview her for my blog. She’s sold well over 1,000 crochet hats and amigurumi since […]

Etsy Traffic and Sales part 3: Introducing the Sales Funnel

Etsy Sales: Looking with New Eyes – Your Etsy Store Sales Funnel Traffic The first is your traffic. You don’t actually make any cash with these people but it’s important because it is the initial contact people have with your store. You have the potential of making sales to these people but initially all they are […]

Etsy Traffic and Sales part 2: Steps to Finding Your Ideal Customer

Etsy Traffic and Sales Part 2 Are You Attracting the Right People to Your Etsy Store? More in this series: Introduction | Part 1 To solve your traffic and no sales dilemma you need to find your Mr. Right – The person who is looking for your _________. He is out there and he is […]