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Shipping of Electronic Items

Shipping is electronic. The e-book “Hooking for Cash” will be sent as a PDF document download.


If you find the eBook is just not what you were looking for even after reading the description, please do let me know. I will refund your money up to 2 weeks after purchase.

Disclosure – Legal

Hooking for Cash is an eBook with ideas, tips, and resources. In no way am I or any of the businesses interviewed in the book guaranteeing you will earn money.

Sara Duggan, Crochetbusiness-dot-com, Momwithahook and all businesses interviewed in the book are not responsible for your results. Only you can do that by researching, making informed decisions, and working hard.

We are also not responsible for any negative results you may have from trying these ideas out.

Each person is responsible for their own income and their own work. When pursuing any tips or ideas you need to research all companies and services.

This eBook is for educational-entertainment purposes only.


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