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[#31cbcbcJanuary 2013] Twitter Chat Notes: Designing Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Here are the notes from last nights twitter chat – scroll down for great resources for writing your first pattern. 
The Design Process is probably different from designer to designer – there’s no one right or wrong way ~ @CrochetSpot

Introduction to Momwithahook Crochets:

My history in making crochet patterns – I’m no professional by any means. I don’t even use the Yarn Standards. I use what I’ve learned from reading crochet patterns from books and magazines. If I were to do this for a living I would definitely learn the standards and process of submitting patterns to magazines. Who knows I might one day?

Crochet Pattern Design on

Here’s an article on Handmade Artists I wrote describing my process. In it I share one of the patterns I was working on at the moment for a guest post. It is a simple scrubbie – circle with a picot stitch edging.
crochet coaster pattern

Crochet Squid Sketches

Last year I participated in Stacey’s of Knit and Crochet Design Week. I shared my process in finishing up my Squid pattern.Vision String

Squid Complete


Crochet Pattern Design for Beginners:

  • Step by Step Guide by Patrice Walker @Pwalker281
  • Designing Plushies by Heart in Flight Crochet
  • Designer Pitfalls – Most common designers’ mistakes from the Craft Yarn Council
  • Writing a Workable Crochet Pattern part 1 by Bella Crochet 


To Read the Full Chat – use hashtag #crochetbusiness and you’ll see all the posts from +Patrice Walker @texasyarnlover and a small  appearance from @cajones113.

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