March 22, 2023

4 apps to improve efficiency

I’ve been searching out tools that could of help when making products. Basically anything that will be of use in speeding up the actual making and software which will make us much more efficient. All this, of course, without spending a fortune. Well I’ve found four apps which are free.

I hope you will find something here to your liking.


This app does not belong to Ravelry but it connects with your personal account providing a convenient link wherever you happen to be. 

The Lite version is free and can be upgraded to the paid version. This is useful because it allows you to play around with it to see if you like it before paying out. Free, in this case means that you have to put up with ads but hey the developers need money too!

There is a video demonstration in the apps store

It’s well worth going to have a look at.

Pocket Crochet

Pocket Crochet is an app for crochet which keeps track of all your projects  so that you can follow your patterns wherever you go. 

You can make notes within the app so mark changes as you go along. No more scribbling on bits of paper which then get lost.

This has been produced by the husband of a crocheter – and it shows.

A very handy piece of software.

Crochet Patterns Ideas, Step by Step

This app is full of how to videos which have been chosen for their simplicity for beginners. 

Simple usually means that an experienced crocheter can produce the items quite quickly which often means profitably. So it could be worth looking through to see if any suit your niche.


I haven’t managed to investigate everything this app will do yet but I must say I’m quite impressed. Hopefully I shall be able to make full  use of it soon.

This is a pattern creation tool. Great for designers among you. When you have created a fabulous pattern you can use them where they are or download as a PDFThe app contains many features which allow you to easily include all the pattern details. Plus it enable you to create charts with symbols and colours. Images can also be inserted.


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