March 24, 2023

Organise Your Time

Organise Your Time

Crochet business owners, especially when starting out to build their business arrive at a point where overwhelm threatens to have everything tumbling down around them and then they give up. Don’t let this happen to you. Your days must be structured if you are going survive and make a success of your new venture.

So here we go. First divide your activities into three: Crochet, Business and Life


Now if you are like the vast majority of new crochet business owners you believe that your crochet is the most important task. This is where you must change your mindset.

You’re starting your business to sell your crochet. Right? Well done. However, that all changes from now on. You now have to produce your crochet for your business.


It is important that you keep all your business tasks up to date and this takes time.

A lot of writing will be involved: descriptions to sell your products, blogs to communicate with customers and prospective customers.

Money needs to be tracked. Payments coming in and bills being paid. It really is best is you tackle this on a daily basis. Leave and it is forgotten and your accounts will be incorrect.


This is the area that tends to get squeezed. It is so important to get this area right. You wanted to do your own thing from home, for yourself. Why? The answer here is usually to have a better life.

Plan time when you will be available (with full concentration) for the kids – they need you not only to look after them but to have fun with. If you have a partner you must work at keeping them – cherish them and don’t just have them to pick up the pieces.

You also need to look after yourself. Meet up with friends, go to the gym. Whatever it is that keeps you lively.

Getting a good work life balance will pay off for you, your family and your business.

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