June 2, 2023

Buying yarn for your Crochet Business

You will find that there are so many people who crochet and sell products for little more than than the cost of the yarn. These are working on a hobby they are not business people. But, oh aren’t they annoying.

Do not try to compete with these hobbyists. You must be sensible. You are running a business. Do not under value yourself and your beautiful work.

If you have just started out with selling your products you have probably been picking up your yarn locally and not giving much thought to the the way you can cut the cost.

Time to move on. Don’t buy your materials and supplies at retail costs. The cheaper you buy, the more profit you make.

You need to seek out suppliers who will provide yarn at prices which are much lower than in the local shops
Even if you are not buying in bulk yet, there are places where you can get good prices.

Research is needed. The suppliers will, of course, vary depending where in the world you live.

Look online. Use Google with words such as “wholesale” and “bulk”.

I’ve found some stores which sell smaller amounts than the normal bulk suppliers and still quote reasonable prices

They do need careful searching though. It’s well worth spending some time on this.

Always check to see how much you must buy to get the good rates, or indeed get them to supply at all!

Also take care to to note the cost of shipping.

Having said all that about keeping your costs low don’t fall into the trap of buying inferior quality. Your materials need to match up to your designs and the time you will spend creating them.

Buy the right yarn for the job. When your buyer pays for your product they need it to live up to their expectations.

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