September 19, 2023

10 Preparation Tips for Craft Fairs


First step is to find all the craft fairs in your location. Your location will depend upon the area around you and how far you are willing to go.

You will find listings online. They will be in various directories, craft websites, event websites and so on. Put your query into Google and see what comes up.

Suitable events come under all types headings: craft fair, summer fair, Christmas fair, County Show, Bazaar, Farmers Markets.


Fees vary, not only by size but also by location and season. Also you may find the allocated space varies – large or small, near the entrance or far away.

Don’t just choose the cheapest. Discover the size of attendance and income level of visitors. You could be looking at £20 or £500. The price doesn’t matter – it’s the profit that counts.


Your outgoings will be far more than the price of your plot.

If you drive then there are the fuel and running costs to do the return journey.

Does the event last more than one day? It will cost to stay over.

Are you going to pack your own food or will you buy something while you are there?

It all needs adding in to your overall cost of the event. You need to be making that back together with the cost of your products before you begin to make a profit.

What is Provided?

Is a table provided or do you need to take your own. If provided what are the measurements.

Is an electric supply available?

Does the event insurance cover individual booths?

Are there chairs for the stall holders?

Is equipment provided free?

All these queries are usually covered on the website or literature. If not you must ask.

Your Stand

Well before the date of the event get your stock and set up a display on tables and back screens the way you intend on the day.

This will be a great help to see the best way to arrange your items to catch the eyes of the people passing.


How many visitors does the fair get each time? You can often find the answer on the event website. Of course, nobody can tell you how many people will buy but the larger the number the better your chances will be.


How many booths are accepted and what do they sell. Many event managers limit the number of competing stands.

This good for you if you are accepted. I always feel sorry for the jewellery makers because there are so many of them.


You don’t want to find that you are trying to sell your beautiful handmade crochet next to someone who is selling cheap imports.

Some of the better events do not allow this – if they know.

Is it exclusively a Craft Fair?

Many Craft Fairs are just one part of a much larger event. County Shows often have an area for a craft fair but the main focus is what is happening in the show ground.

It depends upon the organisation of the site as a whole how good or poor the takings will be.

Check it Out

If at all possible check out the events in you area by personally attending them and perhaps chatting with some of the stall holders.

This will mean that you will start your research a whole year before the event you aim for.

However, there are other events that take place much more frequently.

Some event organisers have fairs taking places quite often but in different towns in the locality. These are usually easier to get into but may produce lower profits.

Whatever you do, when research have your notebook with you and get the facts written down as you go.

There’s much more in depth information in the Crochet Business Success Community

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