June 2, 2023

Crochet is not like other businesses

Most businesses are quite expensive to start up. A crochet business can be started and grown on a shoestring.

Most of us, I would venture to say, got into it from being a hobby and expanding into a little selling. Well that was the way of it for me and I understand it to be similar for many other crocheters.

I’ve mentioned before how you can bring down the cost of yarn and any other materials you need. There are other costs in running a business though.

Here again I am a stickler for going in for very low investment. In fact I am known for paying out as little as possible. On the other hand I don’t accept rubbish. I’m for good quality all round. If you want to find out more about my ways, stick around.

So what is it you will expect to set up in your crochet business? Let’s just go through some of the bigger items at the moment.

Your Presence Online

You need to get in front of people and only have a small stock so far. The best thing you can do is list you few items in an online market place. I would choose Etsy because the have millions who come looking to buy. There are listing fees and selling fees. You only pay selling fees if you sell so that will come out of the price you charge – but you will have worked that out already and priced accordingly. The listing fee that you pay up front is quite minimal – 20c for four months so it is well worth the “risk”.

There are other online market places online and some are free to list but the results are not as good as on Etsy.

Your Own Website

When it comes time to set up your own website you will be paying out monthly fees whether or not you sell anything. I, therefore, always advise holding off on this. If you want an online site then go for a free version. Start a blog on Google’s Blogger. Completely free and uncluttered with unwanted adverts.

Getting Known

Chat on social media and forums so that people get to know you and what you do. Take care not to pushing your your products and saying buy, buy, buy. If you look as though all you want followers for is to sell to them – they’ll soon unfollow you!

Learn more about the Crochet Business Success Community where there is a lot of advice and support as well as courses.

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