June 2, 2023

Start a crochet business

So you are thinking of starting a crochet business. Well you’re in the right place for information.

I’ve put together a list of reasons why this is a good idea.

A crochet business can be run from home.

Depending upon how you see the future, your business can always be run from home. It is entirely up to you and how you build your endeavour. This is one of the great things about a crochet business.

Your new crochet business can be very flexible.

You can structure your business around your family and your home. You can even run it part time as a side hustle. This, of course, will take a lot of organisation and self discipline if you wish to run a real business and not just sell a few bits and pieces.

Construction time

There is no time that I can give you. There are so many variables.

How much time do you have to devote to your business? Of course there will be a lot of difference between full time and side hustle or if you have to wait till the kids are in bed.

So be realistic and set your goals accordingly.

The size of your business.

You can work along quite happily bringing in a nice income making product. This is a very satisfying way of working.

Or you can build up to a business with various income strands, some of which almost look after themselves. Then you will be bringing in an income that covers everything you need for you and your family.


When you start up your business and begin to grow you never know where this will lead.

Once you start along a new road in life there is no telling exactly where it will lead and who you will meet.

Making product

Two ways of producing items for sale. Are you going to make things and then offer them for sale or are you going to take orders for customised products?

By making for sale you have more control over your time.

Making to order means that you are never sure if or when you will be working. Plus it can be stressful because of time limits. On the other hand you know that what you are producing has a buyer.

Income depends on you

If what you want to do is crochet and this in itself keeps you happy then your income will be dictated by the time you have available.

If you are able to incorporate other streams of crochet related work you will be able to raise your income levels with no more effort.

In fact, if you are willing to dedicate time to growing your crochet business it is possible to make a very good income indeed.

A variety of places to sell

You have the choice of selling on various online platforms of your choice including your own website. You can also sell offline at retail outlets or stands at craft fairs.

Each choice you make will reach a different set of buyers.

You’re the boss

Having a business of your own means that you have the control over what happens in your business. You will find this most rewarding in more ways than just making money.

All achievements are yours – no one else claiming them when you’ve done the work. Your self confidence will grow along with your business.

Don’t forget the flip side to this though – if anything goes wrong it’s all down to you! However you will learn from these happenings and grow.

Business set up

So long as you are organised and follow a step by step plan a crochet business is fairly easy to get underway. Starting with one stream and adding others gradually will get you the income level you desire

No business experience needed

Obviously you have good experience in crochet and produce beautiful pieces that people want to buy.

Building a business though takes other skills. Don’t worry about having no experience or paper qualifications. You can learn this so long as you are prepared to put in the effort

You are in control

You can run your business from home and organise your family commitments and your business around one another in whichever way you see as necessary and still have a good life plus a good income

Passion for crochet

Any business that is going to succeed needs the owner to be passionate about what they are doing. You are lucky because you have a passion for crochet and this will carry you through the set up of your business.

My experience

When I wanted to turn my crochet hobby into a profitable business I found it difficult to track down a sensible and straightforward way of doing it.

I did what most of us do and went to Google. I found a great many websites about crochet. I found lots of sites about setting up a business. But there was not much that combined the two in an organised manner that could be followed.

I did work it out but it took longer than it should have done. There’s lots of useful advice but no clear plan. Once I’d worked it all out and have various crochet businesses up and running I thought that I should fill the gap.

I, therefore, set out a course that is planned to take six weeks from beginning to have a crochet business set up on solid foundations. The time will, of course, depend on the individual. The course is a step by step that makes sure everything necessary to start a crochet business is included in simple terms.

My help

My course is “Success Pathway – How to Start a Crochet Business”. Details can be seen here

How to Start a Crochet Business

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