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How Can My Crochet Give Back to the Community?

Loving Hands Giving Back to the Community When I first read this story I thought – now that’s a lady after my own heart. Lou Jaap participated in a Knit-a-thon and came across elderly women (and others) who knitted and crocheted items that didn’t find homes. Lovers of making with no one to receive. What […]

Sexy Ebook Covers by PicMonkey

Ebook Covers by PicMonkey Selling eBooks or ePatterns is not only about what’s inside – the cover matters that is why I enjoy using PicMonkey when making ebook covers. (Canva is another option) Simply choose a photo from a free stock image site or your product photo and upload it to Picmonkey. Photo Collages are […]

How To Handle Disappointment Like a Two-Year Old

Handling Disappointment Like a Two-Year Old I’m participating in the My 500 Words Challenge by Jeff Goins. This is the first post of 31. (pretty cool word counter if you’re interested) Day 1: 234 words Total: 234 words Last year was rough for me. My freelance work plummeted as I fell ill both physically and mentally.   I let clients […]

5 Sites that Will Pay for Awesome Crochet Designs

Get Paid to Design Crochet Patterns Have you ever wanted to get paid for your crochet designs? Inside you’ll find 5 sites that accept design submissions for pay. 1. Maggie’s Crochet Maggie’s Crochet offers a partnership so you don’t lose all publishing rights to your design. They provide a tech editor and professional photo of […]

12 Insider Hacks For A Best-Selling Crochet Design

Crochet Designer Tips for Beginners Crochet pattern design is not difficult. You simply crochet a piece of fabric into something that is wearable or artistic. Writing a pattern on the other hand is. It takes skill to turn a design into a written pattern that is easy to understand for a wide audience. How Can You […]