Crochet Embellishments and Patches

There are many small applique items that can be crocheted for sale especially if you love making lots of little bits. People love to buy them for sewing onto clothing to bring life to their attire. If you like making lots and lots of little leaves, flowers. fish. Teddy bears and so on you can … Read more

Crochet is not like other businesses

Most businesses are quite expensive to start up. A crochet business can be started and grown on a shoestring. Most of us, I would venture to say, got into it from being a hobby and expanding into a little selling. Well that was the way of it for me and I understand it to be … Read more

10 Preparation Tips for Craft Fairs

Search First step is to find all the craft fairs in your location. Your location will depend upon the area around you and how far you are willing to go. You will find listings online. They will be in various directories, craft websites, event websites and so on. Put your query into Google and see … Read more

Buying yarn for your Crochet Business

You will find that there are so many people who crochet and sell products for little more than than the cost of the yarn. These are working on a hobby they are not business people. But, oh aren’t they annoying. Do not try to compete with these hobbyists. You must be sensible. You are running … Read more

6 Tips to Improve your Crochet Business

1 Don’t chase money. Yes, I know you want a profitable business but think more about what you want to make and what people want to buy. Remember to hold on to your passion for what you produce 2 Don’t cut corners when making your products. The beautiful finish is what your customers will love … Read more

Organise Your Time

Organise Your Time Crochet business owners, especially when starting out to build their business arrive at a point where overwhelm threatens to have everything tumbling down around them and then they give up. Don’t let this happen to you. Your days must be structured if you are going survive and make a success of your … Read more

4 apps to improve efficiency

I’ve been searching out tools that could of help when making products. Basically anything that will be of use in speeding up the actual making and software which will make us much more efficient. All this, of course, without spending a fortune. Well I’ve found four apps which are free. I hope you will find … Read more