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[#31CBBCJanuary2014] Email Lists for (Crochet) Bloggers

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Today is a mish-mash of everything I’ve written about mailing lists for (crochet) bloggers. You can select the ones you’re interested in and read or follow the tutorials.

I started a series – Email Lists 101 – to walk you through each step you need to setup a list for your blog just before this challenge. I’ll complete this series this week.

Coming Soon: Writing a welcome message, Setting up RSS blog delivery, Creating a Gift for Subscribers, Add the signup form to your blog, and Promoting your list.

Why a Mailing List

You might think you don’t need a mailing list because you connect with your customers/readers via social media and your blog. I was the same not too long ago. When I finally fumbled around what sort of looked like a mailing list I was still not 100% convinced.

What changed? My connections with my readers, direct feedback from them on blog topics, and sales.

As most of my income from this blog comes via affiliate sales I do much of my promotions through email. No, not spamming sales links, but teaching how to do something (like start a mailing list). If a program or tool has an affiliate program that will help I mention it. Not to get a sale (although that is nice) I do it because I believe it will help.

A-weber is my recommended service for those with large lists or those who need an autoresponder with a high reputation for getting emails sent. I recommend MailChimp because it was my first list and I have good memories with my firsts :). I also recommend MadMimi because I’m using it for a client and it is so simple to use a great one for those who just don’t want to get involved with any tech stuff.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Mailing List

  1. Connect more deeply with your audience
  2. A backup plan
  3. Increase sales

Mailing Lists for Crochet Bloggers

Upcoming Class: 3 Steps to Increase Sales and Traffic

Want to learn how to do all of this in a group session with me? Starting January 27 I will lead my first class through the process of setting up their email list, creating a landing page, and driving targeted traffic to that page.

Each lesson will give you an assignment, Wednesday’s will be a 1-hour webinar, and you’ll get 1:1 time with me to tackle your specific needs. Find out more about 3 Steps to Increase Sales and Traffic.

Email Lists 101: a 7 Part Series

Step 1: Choosing a Mail (Autoresponder) Service

Step 2: Set up Your Mail Chimp Account

Step 3: Writing a Welcome Message (1/23/2014)

Step 4: Setting up RSS blog delivery (1/24/2014)

Step 5: Creating a Gift for Subscribers (1/25/2014)

Your Free Gift or Thanking Your Mailing List Subscribers

Step 6: Add the signup form to your blog (1/26/2014)

Step 7: Promoting your list (1/27/2014)

Additional Tools:


A couple of things to note for #31CBBC peeps: (all are optional)

  • Comments are welcome and encouraged
  • Visit the FB group and add your post for the day to the pinned post if you’d like to receive at least 2-comments on your post.
  • Join the Crochet Business Blogger G+ Community
  • Community Event: Twitter Chat 12pm PST Pricing Crochet Tools
  • Add your blog url to the #31CBBC linky (not the post url) – this will help you identify who is participating
  • As you are visiting other bloggers, take note of any similarities you have or complimentary projects/services you have. This is a great time to jot down the blog name and get to know the blogger behind the blog.
  • Don’t stress on writing a post each day. A picture with your thoughts, a video, a top 5 list, or simply a quote on why you like crochet all counts as a post.

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  • I spent over an hour last night looking at Mad Mimi. I’m curious as to how “User Friendly” it actually is?

    • Karen, it is simple. It truly is a click and drag system.

  • Jess

    I struggle with this so much. I struggle with the set up and then I struggle with the actual follow through of sending it out. Great post. Thanks!

    • Jess, I know what you mean. This is why having a blog rss email campaign set up makes it easy. It’s automatic but if you need to make an announcement you just send a broadcast (announcement) email. The rss still gets sent out and you got your message across.

  • Hi Sara, Good Post 🙂 It was setting up the back-up plan that really spurred me into setting up my own mailing list – and now I have 3 separate mailing lists – one for my blog, one for pattern tester sign-up and one for my Link Party for reminders 🙂 I often wish people had them set up for link party reminders! I am so busy they tend to slip my mind! I agree key placement is important – I place a link on my FB page – and one on my highest traffic post each week as well as top right corner on the blog. I have more people subscribed to my newsletter than subscribed to my blog – Rhondda

    • Rhondda, I like the reminders for link parties too. I need to put one together for my new linky.