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{Crochet Business Interview} Playin’ Hooky Designs

Meet Liz, the owner of Playin’ Hooky Designs. I first came upon her work on Etsy when I bought a couple of her patterns. They are a bit more challenging as they use backposts and frontposts and color changes but the results are so satisfying. When I struggle with pattern and finally “get it” I am beyond happy.

crochet business interview

Liz – Playin’ Hooky Designs

1. Did you set out to make money with crochet or was it an afterthought? When did you think “hey I can make a living doing this”?

I started crocheting in 2006 and was instantly addicted! At the time, I was pregnant with my oldest daughter Bryn, so I was focused on all things baby – afghans, baby booties, and themes hats. But I quickly expanded my focus to ski-type adults and kids beanies, letting afghans go by the wayside.

I have crochet ADD so afghans are not really an option! After I made a hat for everyone I know I decided that I’d better start selling my work to support my crochet addiction. In the beginning I really  sure if I would make any money, but it was fun to get my name out there. I founded Playin’ Hooky Designs in the summer of 2009. Because of the amazing response I’ve gotten from my designs I’ve been able to stay at home with my kids and I LOVE it!

2. What is the main income stream from crochet? Selling, Advertising, Teaching, Designing etc

My main source of income comes from my patterns. I made the choice when I started Playin’ Hooky to sell my patterns, and it’s been a great experience. I get the occasional custom order online, a few from my friends, and I have a deal with a local ski shop where I sell my hats so I’m always working on something! I’d love to start teaching classes; I have a teaching license so it’d be the perfect job for me!

3. How do you market your business? blog?
Most of my marketing is done through social media, especially Facebook. I’ve had a lot of success building a base of some incredible fans (I love you all!). I like giving behind the scenes looks at what I’m working on, running contests & giveaways, and giving my fans a heads-up on upcoming designs and sales. I’ve also run ads on blogs, used Facebook ads, and Etsy sponsored items. Of those, the only real success I’ve had was through blog ads.

4. How long was it until you really saw your financial goals being met via your blog? (could be short term goals or long term goals)
When my son was about 2, I decided to take a job in the evenings to help my family financially. It was my goal all along to get Playin’ Hooky to a point where I could quit my job and take a paycheck from my crocheting. A year and a half after I started working I did just that!!

5. Any advice you would give to those just starting out?
Make sure you’re passionate about what you do and that you’ll love it if it turns into your job. Your business will go through good times and slow ones; it can be hard, but expect it and go with it. Set goals and keep building, improving, promoting, and critiquing your work until you get there. Then set some more!

About Playn’ Hooky Designs:

My name is Liz McQueen, and I’m proud to be a hooker! Playin’ Hooky is my business and I work from home in the mountains of Colorado. That is, I work when my two kids let me! Come to think about it, that’s part of the reason why I only make beanies & flying discs they’re small and I can actually finish them in a day!

Staying at home with my kids and owning a business that I’m passionate about is a dream. Not only do I love creating new designs and producing unique hats, but I like helping others do the same. One day I’d love to teach crochet classes so I can spread the love!

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Thank you Liz for sharing your Crochet Business success. I love those flying discs and your hats are definitely unique and fun. 

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