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Etsy Traffic and Sales part 2: Steps to Finding Your Ideal Customer

Etsy Traffic and Sales Part 2

Are You Attracting the Right People to Your Etsy Store?

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Attracting the right people to your Etsy Store on

Attracting the right people to your Etsy Store on

To solve your traffic and no sales dilemma you need to find your Mr. Right – The person who is looking for your _________. He is out there and he is looking for you.

Big Question: How will you cross paths?

First you need to know where Mr. Right hangs out. Second, you need to know whether he even shops online or knows what Etsy is?

I know it’s hard to believe because those of us in the handmade market think and breath Etsy but it’s still rather unknown to quite a large percent of the population.

Answer: Find Mr. Right and you’ll be able to show him your awesome _______ and he’ll be overjoyed and buy it.

How to Sell Products Online – Attracting the Right Customers for Your Product Niche

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In this short video Marie Forleo shares insights with a shop owner on how to sell online more effectively.

Questions to Ask While Watching:

  • What is the dilemma of the business owner?
  • What is the REAL challenge?
  • How many people search for ‘food jewelry’? ‘mini food’? ‘doll house miniatures’?
  • Clever wording vs everyday language
  • Is a PDF for real product sellers?
  • Where should you place your optin offer?

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