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Etsy Traffic and Sales part 3: Introducing the Sales Funnel

Etsy Sales: Looking with New Eyes – Your Etsy Store Sales Funnel

Etsy Sales and Traffic: Sales Funnel on

Etsy Sales and Traffic: Sales Funnel on


The first is your traffic. You don’t actually make any cash with these people but it’s important because it is the initial contact people have with your store. You have the potential of making sales to these people but initially all they are is Traffic income.

Blogging, Giveaways, Guest Posts, Podcast, Videos

The second entry is for people who find your shop through blogging, giveaways, guest posts, podcasts, videos etc. You are investing in these people by giving them something for free. Examples might be a free crochet pattern if they sign up for your sales newsletter or the prize someone gets from a giveaway you sponsored.

This second level, like the first is not a cash crowd so no actual sales have been made but they’re getting closer. In fact the first group of people can easily convert to this level if you have a newsletter sign up form, a rss feed form or other means of capturing their email address for further contact. Connecting with them is your Cash for this level.

Low-end Sales

Now you’re on to level 3 in your sales funnel. This is where you actually start making sales. Some will be low-end sales and some will be median sales. This is why have multiple price levels is important.

The people in level three actually like you, enjoy receiving emails about your sales and may even read your blog and follow you on social media. Get this, some people enter your sales funnel right here and skip level 1 and 2 all together. Pretty cool huh? You are finally at your Cash level. But wait, there’s more.

High-end Sales: Your Sweet Spot

Level 4 is your sweet spot – Your ideal customer. The one who adores you and anything you make. #4’s will actually jump at the chance to buy your stuff. In other words you are Mrs. Right.

#4’s are rare as you’ll see the funnel become more narrow but an important thing happens when you get this narrow – you earn more money for your work. The sales here are high end sales – custom pieces or ooak pieces that only your hands can create. I’m not saying the pieces in level 2 and 3 are not custom ooak but these are your true moneymakers.

Again, as in all the previous levels, you may get someone who enters your sales funnel right away at #4 – good for you. You might even find some people straddle the fence between #2 and #3. Some may like to dip their feet into #4 but quickly go back to being in a comfortable #3 spot – that’s okay.

The important thing is that they are now in your sales funnel meaning you are actually making money of their traffic. Did you see how that works?

Stop wasting all your time in the top level – there’s no Cash in that. It’s important, YES, but you need to start planning your business around all 4 levels not just the people at the top. Doing so will significantly change your ‘traffic and no sales’ blues.

Sales Funnel Explained – Full Proof Money Making Formula

He’s plugging his live event but the ‘MEAT’ of the video is very good at explaining the sales funnel

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