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Guest Post: Monetize Your Website with Chitika

Meet Miranda

Miranda_Grimm_Bio_ThumbToday’s guest post comes from the lovely Miranda. She is a freelancing work at home christian mother. In between making meals, cleaning floors and wiping noses – you can find Miranda behind the computer. With every spare moment Miranda runs multiple websites, including a crochet pattern directory – and a work at home review site – 


Chitika, Inc. is a company that works with publishers to help them earn money by acting as the “middle man” between the advertiser and the website hosting the ads. This means all those people who blog regularly, or even semi-regularly, can earn money by having Chitika ads appear on their blog or website, as can small and medium sized businesses.

The Adsmm-chitikaads

Since Chitika ads look different than Google AdSense advertisements, you are allowed to use both to monetize your page at the same time. This works great for people looking to earn a little cash on the side without having to do any extra work. You can maximize your income from ads by choosing to use both Chitika and Google AdSense, but even with just Chitika you can earn a nice amount.

How It Works

Your Chitika earnings are based on how many clicks your blog or website receives. The more clicks you get, the more money you make. So the more traffic your site receives, the more people there are to possibly click on your ads. This means you need to get as much traffic to your site as possible to make the most money. If your website has very few visitors, then don’t expect your Chitika earnings to be very high.


Chitika pays you either by check or a PayPal deposit. If you choose to have your check mailed to you, you must first wait until your earnings have reached $50. For PayPal, you can request your money after you have earned $10. Once you have reached either the $50 mark or the $10 mark, your earnings will be sent you to at the end of the month.

More Information

For more detailed information about Chitika, their ads, and how the system works, be sure to visit their website at

arrow-round-lAs a Chitika advertiser I am rewarded for referring new accounts. (Affiliate/Referral)

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Sara Duggan is a Wife and Mom enjoys crocheting and writing. She joined the crochet blogging community in 2007 as Momwithahook. In 2008 she toyed with designing patterns and shares her creations with you. Connect with Sara on Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Thanks for letting me be a guest blogger. I love your site Sara!

    • Miranda, thank you for writing such a great piece. You are welcome to guest post anytime. 🙂