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{Hooking for Cash 101} Add Categories and Tags to Your Crochet Blog

Categories and Tags for Your Crochet Blog

The best way I can explain the difference between a category and tag when it comes to blogging is to have you visualize a filing system. You have a filing cabinet – that is your blog, then you have the file folders – that is the categories in your blog and then you have the real papers to file away – these are your categories.

lesson 11

For example, I have 5 categories for my Crochet Blog. They are Spotted Crochet Blogs, Crochet with Mom, Finished Objects, Hobby Blogging, and Featured Pattern. These would be the file folders.


Tags vary depending on what the blog post is about. When I tag post I’m letting my readers know what’s inside that category. For instance, inside the Spotted Crochet Blogs category I might use the name crochet blog, crochet blogger, and even the names of the blogs to identify the topic.


For the category Crochet with Mom I would include the name of the stitch that I’m teaching and maybe the tags tutorial, video tutorial or words that would describe the post itself.

When you first start your blog the default category will be ‘uncategorized’. Before you write a post you might want to go in and set the categories so you can file your posts appropriately. Some top bloggers recommend that you choose keyword rich categories.

Today’s Assignment:

Choose your categories and tags. Categories will not change but tags will change with each post.

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