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Marketing 101: Banner Advertising for Crochet bloggers

banner advertising

As a crochet blogger you will need a number of banners for advertising. You’ll also need banners for blog link ups, blog series, and other special blog related projects. You can make the banners yourself, use a banner generator or hire a graphic designer.

Make Your Own Graphics

You can try your hand at designing your own graphics with Gimp Graphics or with PhotoShop. Photoshop will cost you a bit of money but Gimp Graphics is a free open source software you can download. Both have learning curves but once you get past that you can make all the graphics necessary for your blog.

  • How to Nest for Less has a 150 x 150 tutorial for Photoshop users.
  • Oikology shows you how to make your button and include grab code for blogger.
  • Banner Generator is a site where you can use their backgrounds, add your text and get a banner.

Hire a designer

You can hire a designer to make your banners for you. There are some economical designers out there that will make blog buttons and banners for under $20.

Where to Advertise Your Blog

You can pay for advertising on various blogs and sites that cater to your desired market. Some are fairly reasonably priced. You can also swap ads with other blogs or you might even advertise via various newsletters.

Don’t be afraid to ask other bloggers if they’d like to offer advertising. Some don’t see there blogs as ‘worthy’ of offering advertising so you might be the one to push them into a viable income stream for their blog.
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