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Etsy Sales and Traffic part 5: Resources for Your Etsy Store

Action Step: Answer 3 Questions for Your Etsy Store

What Now – How are you going get out of the “Traffic and No Sales” blues?

First read this post on the purple panda sales funnel then answer the following Questions:

  1. $Traffic – Do you have traffic coming into your shop? If yes, are you reaching the right traffic?
  2. $Connection – Do you have a way to capture your traffic’s email address so you have a way to develop a relationship with them? Ex. Rss feed, email newsletter, podcast, giveaway, blog etc.
  3. $Low-Medium Cash – Do you sell items at different price points?
  4. $Sweet Spot or High end Cash – Do you offer high-end items along with deep ongoing relationship building tools to your customers?

Let these men and women mentor you – Resources for Your Etsy Store



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