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Show Me the Money: Make Money by Selling Consolidated Content

Show me the Money:

One way to earn money is to reuse the content you already created. I wrote about this in a post 5 Ways to Turn Your Crochet Blog Content into Cash.  


Consolidating similar topics into a short report or eBook and then selling it to your readers is one way you can turn blog content into cash. For example, let’s say you did a series of posts on making ornaments for Advent. You wrote 25 posts with 25 patterns. Now, just take those 25 posts and put them into one document and you can sell the entire series on your blog.

If you share free crochet patterns on your blog you can take a set of five, group them together and make an eBook. You can add some pictures, some tips and an extra never before seen pattern and sell this on Amazon or in your shop. 

I’ll be releasing a series of posts soon on my Crochet blog about different ways to make crochet yarn. There are a total of 5 posts plus the one article I put on Hubpages. I can put them all together and give it away to my newsletter subscribers. 

How might you consolidate your blog posts? Comment Below with Your Ideas. 

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