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Can Crochet Really Bring in Lots of Money?

Crocheting for Money

Can crochet really earn you a full time income? Like any business, it takes lots of work but it is possible. You can sell your crochet or you can sell crochet enthusiasts supplies – whichever you choose loving what you do will make your work more enjoyable.

Turning crochet into a full-time career is a dream for many. It’s always rewarding to turn something you love, like crochet, into a financially profitable way of life.

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Is It a Real Job?

There are many crocheters who make a full-time living with their hobby but for many of us we still have to provide a steady income. As you know, people love handmade crafts like crochet. In fact, this season it is a trend to add a bit of crochet to your outfit.

Many celebrities have made it popular to crochet in your spare time which makes teaching others a valuable resource.

How Much Can You Earn?

How much money do you invest in crocheting each year? I know I can say I spend $1000 easily when regular income is coming in. However, now that income is pretty much halted I spend maybe $50 per year with much of it coming from hobby shops instead of my local yarn store.

What if you were to learn how to turn your crochet into a steady monthly income? Many crocheters are launching crochet related businesses each year – you could be next.

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My Crochet Dream

I have a dream of turning my love of crochet into a full-fledged family business – complete with sheep, shearing, spinning, dyeing, and crocheting. I’m not too sure my husband and sons share this same dream but I do think a family business with each one of us participating would be ideal.

How might you turn your love of crochet into a business? You might sell your custom crochet services or sell products at trade events like Chain Link sponsored by the Crochet Guild of America.

Wouldn’t it be cool to start earning money from crochet full-time and not just in your spare time?

There are many ways you can turn your love of crochet into profit. You can sell them locally at craft fairs and farmers markets. You can sell them online via or You can even create your own website to sell your handmade blankets and baby booties.

One huge profit generating option you might consider is selling the tools to crochet with like crochet hooks, yarn, and accessories. One man started selling hand carved crochet hooks as a means for raising money to fix the front porch on a cabin.

When you start selling your crochet as a business you’ll see a little bit of money trickle in but stick with it and build upon what you know and love. It will eventually become a profitable business that can support you and your family.

Have you started making money selling crochet?


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  • Practical suggestions. Thanks!

    • Claudia, thanks for dropping by via the UBC. Loved having you.

  • I’m finding that teaching crochet is another great way of making money from crochet. I get the joy of seeing the delight as the student completes their first stitch and then first piece as well as sharing my love of yarn. 🙂
    Making crochet accessories is something I am looking into. It’s scary but I’m going to give it a try.