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[#31CBBCJanuary2014] Crochet Business Blogging: Putting it ALL Together

blogging tool kit on crochet business

The first week of 2014 has been a busy one hasn’t it?

You learned about setting goals, inspiring and believing in your dreams, and kicking fear and negativity to the curb.

You were introduced to Google Calendars, Scheduling Blog Posts via Blogger and WordPress, and Learned how to Manage your social media sites with Hoot Suite.

Wow! That’s a lot to take in.

Today you will add one more tool to your kit and then tomorrow you will put it all together in a 2-hour a day work schedule. Don’t believe you can do it all in 2 hours? Just wait, you’ll surprise yourself.

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Commenting on Other Crochet Blogs

Today is the weekly crochet bloggers comment-a-thon inspired by Blogelina. (another one of those durn affiliate links but trust me You’ll love her blog – lots of good stuff for those new to blogging.)  Her comment-a-thons are big. They take about a week and have hundreds of participants. Wouldn’t it be stellar to have this for Crochet Bloggers?

Here is the Linky for the Comment-a-thon so head on over and add the url to today’s post. Once you’re done with that, visit crochet bloggers and spend some time reading and commenting. Get to know others in your niche. Grow friendships.

Recommended Reading: 

7 Strategies for Growing Community on Your Blog by (Darren Rowse)

Yesterday I was reminded of Darren’s Problogger blog when I popped into the Twitter BlogChat. This is a weekly chat with great blogging advice if you’d like to join in on Sundays 8 – 9 pm CT.)  The above post is a great read for those looking to grow their community.


This blog challenge is inspired by ProBlogger’s original 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. (my lovely affiliate link if you’d like to purchase the book) You probably know I’m a Fangirl of Michelle Shaeffer and her Ultimate Blog Challenge but Problogger was her inspiration as well. (31 Days Blog Challenge)

Those should hold you over for a while. You can always pin the posts to a PinBoard on Pinterest (Reading List) and get to it when you have time.

A couple of things to note: (all are optional)

  • Comments are welcome and encouraged :)
  • Visit the FB group and add your post for the day to the pinned post if you’d like to receive at least 2-comments on your post.
  • Join the Crochet Business Blogger G+ Community
  • Community Event: Comment-a-thon Linky
  • Add your blog url to the #31CBBC linky (not the post url) – this will help you identify who is participating
  • As you are visiting other bloggers, take note of any similarities you have or complimentary projects/services you have. This is a great time to jot down the blog name and get to know the blogger behind the blog. ;)
  • Don’t stress on writing a post each day. A picture with your thoughts, a video, a top 5 list, or simply a quote on why you like crochet all counts as a post.

P.S. Someone pointed out to me that I wasn’t adding gifts to the blog. (not all people are signed up for the emails) I am, just not in the post. If you look on the right sidebar you’ll see a section entitled “Don’t Forget: Gifts from Me” – those are the gifts.

I will change that starting now. Just in case you missed the first 5 (plus today’s) gifts here is a roundup:

  1. 365 Crochet Blog Writing Prompts
  2. Start Your Day Off ‘Like a Boss’ aka 3 Quick Tips to Start Your Day Off Right by Chris Cade 
  3. Achieving Your Dreams Without Fear by Chris Cade
  4. CBB-sellingcrochet1
  5. Pinterest Traffic by Michelle Shaeffer
  6. commentingworks-hookingforcash-worksheet
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Sara Duggan is a Wife and Mom enjoys crocheting and writing. She joined the crochet blogging community in 2007 as Momwithahook. In 2008 she toyed with designing patterns and shares her creations with you. Connect with Sara on Twitter and Pinterest.

  • I have to say I’ve smiled many times today and in the past few days getting comments on the blog. I usually don’t get that many so it’s always nice for some comment love knowing people are really reading your posts thoughtfully! ~Thanks

    • Elisabeth, isn’t it? I remember when I just had and Kathryn (crochetblogger) used to stop by and comment weekly – I always was so happy to get a comment. It kind of validates what you are doing plus you know someone is actually reading it. 😉

  • I’m so happy I took the jump and signed up for this challenge.
    I have the 31 days to build a better blog book, and even read it, but never gotten around to really using it. I’ve also attended several webinars , read a lot of articles , gotten a lot of books etc. and still haven’t really started using what I’ve learned.
    Until now. It really helps being in a group with other people from the same niche.
    Thank you SO much Sara for doing this 🙂
    But seriously ? 2 hours :O That would be awesome to learn. I use so much more than 2 hours every day haha. Maybe I need to stray less from what I’m doing and keep my focus eh.

    • Henriette, I know the whole ‘buy this’ cycle. You buy, you might read, but the missing step is the action that follows. Niche challenges is exactly why I started this one. I like Ultimate Blog Challenge and the 31 Days Blog Challenge but very few were crochet/craft bloggers. I met some lovely people during those challenges who I still connect with but a crochet-centric challenge is much more interesting.

      2-hours, it is possible. I was skeptical at first but you are right – FOCUSED action is the key. (even on social media)

      thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. 😉

  • Thank you for your hard work Sara, and for all the information! I must admit that I tend get caught in so many little and large internet “chores” that I tend to put off blog commenting for “when I have more time,” but I sure would try to give it more attention this year! I will also participate on the blog comment-a-thon!

    • Clotilde, I think something like a comment-a-thon makes it a little easier. You can set some time aside one day a week or 15-minutes a day, and go crochet blog hopping. 😉