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{Crochet Business Interview} Grandma Kathie’s Crochet Cuties

I’d like you to meet Kathie. She is a grandma with a passion for crochet. At 60 years young she building a crochet business through Facebook and Etsy. She designs a number of cute baby items and sells them online and locally at a little shop in Branson, Missouri. 

Did you set out to make money with crochet or was it an afterthought? How did you get started?

I learned to crochet from my Mother when I was 8 years old. I am now 60. I made some hats for my Grandchildren, I have 8, and they were so happy with them. Others saw the hats and wanted me to make one for their children and grandchildren.That is the way it started. Then others would ask if I could make boot toppers, then baby sandals.

I made each item they asked for. Then I decided I would try a craft show and it was a success. I have found I really love to crochet, I can just spend hours doing nothing but crochet.

grandma kathies cuties

 What is the main income stream from your crochet?

My items are in a little shop in Branson, MO. That is mostly my income, however I have items in a flower shop for newborn babies and another shop that is a craft shop that carries my character hats….sock monkey, owl, etc. That and custom orders, I do several custom orders.

 How do you market your crochet business and/or crochet blog?

I have an Etsy shop, I list on Ebay, custom orders and in the various shops. I am in the process of learning more about how to market my crochet business. (Kathie, I highly recommend the book Craft Business Power by Jeff G. and Cinnamon Miles of Liberty Jane Clothing which teaches how to do product launches using eBay.) 

 How long was it until you really saw your financial goals being met?

I am still working on that. My business is still in its infancy and I am just trying to get it to grow. I still work full time and will retire in August, 2013. I am hoping to grow my business, with help from some wonderful people, until it is a full time job within itself.

 Any advice you’d give someone just starting a crochet business?

If you love it, keep looking for a market that works for you. Don’t give up. Just look at each obstacle as a challenge and rise up to meet the challenge. It will be worth it in the end when you are working at what you love to do.

 About Kathie:

I am Kathie of Grandma Kathie’s Crochet cuties on facebook. You can find me on Etsy-GrandmaKathiesCuties and On Ebay I am 417.jolee. You may contact me for custom orders on any of these sites, or send me a personal email.

I am looking forward to growing my crochet business into a full time career. I have so many different patterns I have not had a chance to try. I love learning new stitches, making new & different items. I have found that if I set myself a goal I WILL reach it. I need more time………

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  • Judy Glover

    I hope you are the lady I am looking for. My sister bought a hand crocheted piece with her last name crocheted in the middle of the piece. I have admired hers for years and told her I wanted one for me if she ever got back to Branson. I got one from her 2 yrs ago Christmas. Now I would like to get one for my son and daughter and their families. Can you help me?

    • Judy, I will forward your request to Kathie.