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{Crochet Business Interview} Karli of KarliBoutique on Etsy

Meet Karli of KarliBoutique

I often find myself browsing crochet on etsy admiring all the lovely work that designers come up with. A few weeks ago I came across some lovely cowls and scarves by Karli. 

She’s fairly new to Etsy having only opened up her shop in January but I know you will all enjoy getting to know her as much as I did. 

Why do you crochet?

Well, I’ve been knitting since I was a small girl; my mom taught me because she was an avid knitter. It wasn’t until recently I switched over to crochet because I realized it was more versatile to create the styles that I like. I love the bulky, chunky, oversized look of scarves and crochet stitches work up so well for that!

What Inspired You To Sell Your Crochet?

I was inspired to start my shop when I took a work trip to New York City in 2011 and I spent my free hours scouring hordes of fashion boutiques, from SoHo to Times Square.

To my dismay, I realized that even in the fashion capital of North America, it was really hard to find that specific handmade, fine quality look of an oversized scarf, or button-up cowl without it looking all gawdy and garage-sale like.

I decided to spend the next year or so crocheting away to my heart’s content and making things exactly as I would want to wear them.

I’m inspired by dressy casual trends (chunky, oversized, wood buttons, clean lines and earthy tones), but one-of-a-kind fashion. Since I work in a school, I usually wear trendy sets but also functional materials.

I also live in Alberta, Canada where it snows about 11 months of the year, give or take so I wanted to create items that could keep me warm from the harsh Canadian winters without looking bulky or mass-manufactured. There is nothing worse than finding a funky ruffle-y scarf at some box store and seeing another person on the street rocking it too!

Also, I’m a graduate student, in research, so my day job is very logical and fact-based so…BORING on most days. I love coming home to a fresh skein of soft yarn and fashioning something chic and unique. I never make anything I would be ashamed to wear as a contemporary 20-something.

My Etsy shop is my creative outlet and I hope more and more people can share my love for handmade fashion through my little corner of the web.

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  • What lovely infinity scarves she makes!! I DEFINITELY need to learn to crochet!
    Thanks for sharing, Carrie

    • They are lovely aren’t they? Thanks for stopping by Carrie.

  • Nicole

    What a great feature – and Karli is awesome, isn’t she 🙂

  • what a cool write up on Karli.
    Her shop is full of great crochet!
    Congrats Karli on being featured here.

    Great Blog here Sara

    • Karli does deserve it. Her work is fantastic and on trend too. Love how she makes chunky cowls and infinity scarves look so comfy. Thank you Junquete.

    • Enjoyed knowing the personal side of crochet, living in Canada, coming home from grad school to the soft yarn. Can feel it.

      • Yes, Claudia. I enjoyed learning that too about Karli. It is the back story that connects us to businesses isn’t it?

  • Dinesh

    What fantastic scarves she makes. Plus she gives a discount too! I hope she does amazing, she really deserves it!

    • Yes she does make lovely scarves. That is what caught my eye when I was browsing Etsy.

  • I’ve always knitted but never crocheted, guess it’s about time I learnt. Love the things that are being created.

    • I’m the opposite. I started out crocheting and it my preferred craft whereas knitting comes in second.

  • Not a crocheter …have friends that do and know Laurie Wheeler via FB etc. A very well written article. Your love and passion is exuded in your writing.

    • Thank you Liz. Laurie is a great lady isn’t she?