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Interview: Evelyn Cucchiara Creator of the QR Stone

I am excited to introduce Evelyn Cucchiara. I met her via a challenge I’m doing to help build my mailing list. (Biztopia) One of the purposes of the challenge is to stretch ourselves and reach out to other people. It was scary but I did reach out. I chose to connect with Evelyn because of her super cool creation the QR Stone. I knew you would all enjoy this so I called her up to ask her a few questions.

This fits perfectly with my latest blogging series – 31 Days of Craft Show Preparation as it can be used to connect with potential customers.

QR stone Evelyn thehopefulllife

What is the QR Stone?

Evelyn owns her own business and found that when she went to networking events she would come home with stacks of business cards. She intended to connect with each person but found that once she opened the door to her home she would get distracted by family duties like cleaning house or talking with her husband or children. She couldn’t neglect her family so the cards would be in a pile never to be touched. She felt guilty after a while because she didn’t call them but then thought if she called them now it would look poorly on her or maybe they weren’t interested any longer.

There Has to Be A Better Way

She knew there had to be a better way. She solved her problem by creating a necklace that had a stone with the QR code to her mailing list. Now all she had to do was scan the code or have the customer scan code, enter their information and BAM, they were connected.


How can Someone Buy the QR stone or Find more Information?

You can visit Evelyn’s site for more information. Currently she sells the stone at a discounted price of $67 (originally $97). You can have it made into a key chain, a necklace or a bracelet.

I think it would be super useful for you at craft shows. Imagine connecting with your buyers by letting them sign up for updates immediately by scanning your stone?  The QR code is interchangeable so if you run out of a popular piece switch in your website code and direct your customer to your website to order a custom piece. How cool is that?

30 Days to an Organized Home

Evelyn is also the author of the Amazon Best Seller “30 Days to an Organized Home” (aff). She shares simple tips about how to get more done and stop wasting time. One of the tips she shared with me was how she uses a simple 5″ x 7″ white tile. You can buy a single tile at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

She places the tile on her kitchen window sill. Each morning she writes out the dinner meal. This saves her from ruminating on ‘What’s for Dinner‘ all day plus her boys and husband know what is planned and can help if they choose to. Evelyn hasn’t figured out that last part but at least she’s putting out the dinner just in case they feel the urge to get things started.

To find out more about the QR stone or 30 Days to an Organized Home visit Evelyn at Be sure to get a copy of “7 Simple Steps to Calmly Get Out the Door in the Morning“. It is free when you sign up for her newsletter.

Thank you Evelyn for taking the time to answer my questions. I enjoyed talking with you and can’t wait to own my very own necklace.

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