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Looking for Free Yarn or Discount Yarn? Here are 7 Places to Check Out

This post is written by guest author Susan Matsumoto of FrugalSensei.com. 

Saving money on supplies for your business can help your reduce your cost of production. Sometimes you can find quality free yarn or deeply discounted yarn to add to your stash.

Free yarn or Discounted yarn

image: shebaduhkitty via http://morguefile.com

Crochet is Better with Free Yarn

Crocheting is fun and can even be profitable.  But it would be even better if you could find sources for free yarn.  Even knowing sources for discount yarn would be helpful.

Try these sources for free yarn:

1. FreeCycle

This site is aimed at hooking up people who want to get rid of stuff with others who are looking for stuff.

2. Listia

This is a sales site where you can use points instead of cash.  Earn points for joining and even for selling.

Look into these sources for cheap yarn:

3. YarnBuffet

Features many yarns at 40% discount or more.

4. YarnParadise

Many varieties at a significant discount.  Check the Closeout Yarns tab

5. Yarn.com

This site’s Yarn Closeouts section has some good bargains.

6. Numei

Some really good deals here.  They even have an affiliate program.

7. Knitting-Warehouse

Lots of everyday low prices plus featured sale items.

Saving Money on Yarn Makes ‘Cents’

Make your crochet experience even more enjoyable by saving money on yarn.  Check out the sources above but don’t forget garage sales and thrift stores.  A better price awaits, you just have to look for it.

About Susan:

Susan The frugal sensei

I am a blogger, writer and owner of www.FrugalSensei.com where it is my goal to help others live frugally.  We can be careful with the money we have, be prudent with the amount of energy we expend, and be thrifty with the time we possess.

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Sara Duggan - Crochetbusiness.com Featured Guest Author
About Sara Duggan

Sara Duggan is a Wife and Mom who enjoys crocheting and writing. She joined the crochet blogging community in 2007 as Momwithahook. In 2008 she toyed with designing patterns and shares her creations on Squidoo. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.


  1. Great suggestions :) I hope I can find similar sources here in Norway

    • Linda, not sure about that but I’m sure there is someone there that is trying to tame their yarn supply. It’s only a matter of finding those people.

  2. Excellent Links!

    I only wish I didn’t have to pay shipping and customs to get the yarn into Canada!

    I am blessed to live fairly closed to the Spinrite Yarn Factory Outlet in Listowel, Ontario –

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. What a great list! I do know now how to crotchet but I know how expensive it can be to start a business. Finding ways to cut costs while maintaining a quality product is so so so important. Awesome resource

  4. Thank you for the links! I’ve known of some of them but its always great to look at new places.

  5. Dawn, thanks for stopping by today. Yes, any resource that puts us closer to yarn or patterns is a good one. Thanks for joining in the conversation.

  6. Thanks for the tips! Got to check out these places!

Sara Duggan - Crochetbusiness.com Featured Guest Author