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Marketing 101: Article Marketing

Mind Maps for Better Writing

using a mind map

Writing articles to market your blog and build your credibility and expertise is an affordable option for crochet bloggers tight on cash. You can easily create 400 – 500 word articles, submit to directories, include your blog link and drive traffic to your blog.

Start out by creating a list of topics that your readers are interested in. Alternatively you can browse the crochet forums and news feeds for the latest topics that are spreading in the blogosphere.

From the above list of topics list three points to write about. These will be your body paragraphs.

Finally, under the topics list 3 points you want to highlight. These will be your sentences.

i.e. If I choose to write about crochet sandals I might choose to write about choosing the proper yarn weight, crocheting with beads and best patterns. Under each of those topics I would further explain or highlight what I want like choosing cotton thread versus acrylic yarn.

Three sites I use and recommend:

  1. Squidoo – user friendly, free to use and a supportive community. Just add the modules you need like the text module, the Amazon module or a photo gallery module to your page and link to your blog.
  2. Hubpages – similar to Squidoo, user friendly although it did take me a little longer to get used to the formatting of the pages because I was with Squidoo for so long. Again, has a great community and forum.
  3. Ezine Articles – my first article directory, simple to use, includes pdf and video tutorials for those new to article marketing.

Have you used article marketing for your blog?

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